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Stephen Gately

About Stephen Gately

Stephen Gately (Born: March 17 1976, St Patrick's Day at Dublin) is a lead vocalist of the Irish band Boyzone. On October 11, 2009, he is found dead while holidaying at Port Andratx resort in Majorca, Spain. Other members of the Boyzone band flew to Majorca soon after hearing the devastating news.

Personal Biography

His father was a painter and decorator, his mother a part-time cleaner. His family had financial difficulties during his childhood. He studied at the St Laurence O'Toole National School

Relationship with Andrew Cowles

Gately married Andrew Cowles in March 2006. Gately's widower says he was a real life Peter Pan.


Reports say he died in sleep and is a 'tragic accident'. Spanish police unoficially told a media outlet that the death was not suicidal nor was he involved in drugs. He was found dead on his sofa in his hotel room. The music world is shocked with his untimely death. His partner has reportedly made frantic efforts to revive the dead singer after discovering him lifeless at their holiday home in Spain. It is reported that a relative had a conversation with Gately at 12.30am Spanish time on Saturday (11.30pm GMT) when he was about to leave the house. Eight-hour booze binge is reported to be the primary reason for the death of Gately. Gately's family has rubbished claims that he died after a late night booze binge. The Bulgarian man, who had joined Boyzone star Gately in an alleged eight hour drinking binge said that he has been left devastated by the singers death. The gay partner Gately who was sleeping in the next room said that he can never forgive himself for the singers death. Medical experts believe Sudden Adult Death Syndrome killed Gately.

A Brit journalist apologized to the family of Gately after she wrote an article in which she insisted that there was nothing natural about his death.

In December 09, forensic reports said his death was caused by a rare undiagnosed heart condition.

In January 2010, it was confirmed that his death has occurred due to natural causes.


Boyzone manager Louis Walsh expressed his shock at the death of Gately.


Gately's fantasy novel was published seven months after his death.

Professional Biography

With Boyzone

Gately joined Boyzone in 1993. He got through the audition process before joining Ireland's first boyband. Gately and Ronan Keating were the lead vocalists of the band.

Stephan Gately website launched on his first death anniversary
A website to mark the life of late Stephen Gately has been launched on the first anniversary of the singers death. ANI

Lady Gaga toppled from top spot in UK singles chart
Scouting for Girls have secured their first-ever number one in the UK singles chart with their new track This Aint A Love Song. ANI

Keith Duffy quits Coronation Street to join Boyzone
Irish singer Keith Duffy has decided to end his stint in Coronation Street to devote himself to his music career with Boyzone.he star had recently rejoined the soap to play the role of Ciaran McCarthy, which he first played for two years from 2003. ANI

Boyzone to release new track featuring Stephen Gatelys vocals
Boyzone is ready to release a new song featuring the vocals of their late bandmate Stephen Gately. ANI

Stephen Gately among 2009s top Google searches
Stephen Gately, the Boyzone singer who died in October, was among the fastest rising search topics on Googles UK site in 2009. ANI

Boyzone slam gay models sick Stephen Gately sex stories
Boyzone have slammed a gay model who sold sex secrets about the last hours of their bandmate Stephen Gately. ANI

Keating suffering panic attacks since Gatelys death
Boyzone star Ronan Keating is suffering crippling panic attacks since the tragic death of bandmate Stephen Gately. ANI

Grief stricken Ronan Keating unsure about Boyzone tour
Ronan Keating has revealed that he and his fellow Boyzone members are finding it hard to deal with the death of bandmate Stephen Gately and may not tour. ANI

Kerry Katona slams ex-husband over child custody row
Former Atomic Kitten member Kerry atona has slammed ex-husband Brian McFadden over his claim for heir childrens custody. ANI

Boyzone bandmates plan to release album featuring Gately
Stephen Gatelys Boyzone bandmates are planning to release a new album featuring the late singer. ANI

Boyzone will not forget Stephen Gately, says Westlifes Shane Filan
Boyzone will never get over the loss of their late band member Stephen Gately, Westlifes Shane Filan has said. ANI

Stephen Gatelys will goes missing
The will of late Boyzone star Stephen Gately has reportedly gone missing just hours before it was due to be read before his family. ANI

Stephen Gatelys partner refuses to inherit singers £10m fortune
Late Stephen Gatelys civil partner Andrew Cowles has said that he does not want anything of the singers 10-million-pound estate. ANI

Stephen Gatelys pal branded gay gold-digger
Georgi Dochev, the Bulgarian who found Stephen Gatelys dead body, has been branded a gay gold-digger by a leading gay rights activist.zzo Petroff launched a sensational attack on jobless Georgi and his boyfriend Valentin Vasev in a leading Bulgarian paper. ANI

Grief-stricken Stephen Gatelys partner speaks for first time after his death
Late Boyzone member Stephen Gatelys gay partner Andy Cowles has spoken up for the first time after the singers death. ANI

Stephen Gately fans raise £10K for childrens charity in his memory
Fans of late Irish pop singer Stephen Gately from the band Boyzone have managed to raise 10,000 pounds for a childrens charity in his memory. ANI

Ronan Keatings emotional speech at Stephen Gatelys funeral
Ronan Keating couldnt stop himself from shedding tears, while he gave an emotional speech during the funeral of his Boyzone bandmate Stephen Gately. ANI

Stephen Gately was preparing for West End show before death
Stephen Gately from the band Boyzone was planning to star in a top London stage production in the New Year, it has emerged. ANI

Boyzone members drink till late night in memory of Stephen Gately
The remaining members of Boyzone drank and sang songs after the funeral of bandmate Stephen Gately, sources say. ANI

Ronan Keating vows to complete Stephen Gatelys childrens novel
Singer Ronan Keating has decided to finish late Stephen Gatelys book as a tribute to his Boyzone bandmate. ANI

Stephen Gatelys mum vows to stand by his gay partner Andrew Cowles
Late Boyzone star Stephen Gatelys mother has said that the family will support her sons gay partner Andrew Cowles and wont fight over the singers 10 million pound will. ANI

Gately was drug free on night of death, proves toxicology report
A toxicology report into the death of Stephen Gately has apparently put an end to speculation that the Boyzone star had had been taking drugs on the night he died. ANI

Nightclub footage shows Stephen Gately just hours before he died
A CCTV footage of Stephen Gately has confirmed that the deceased pop star was completely sober before his death and not on a eight-hour booze binge as rumour suggested. ANI

Gatelys three-in-bed romp pal may rake in 150k pounds for intimate night story
The gay Bulgarian who revealed that Stephen Gately had indulged in a three in a bed romp with him and partner Andy Cowles the night he died is reportedly negotiating a six-figure deal to disclose further details of the intimate night. ANI

Grieving Boyzone members honour Gately with 76 - 09 tattoos
The remaining members of Boyzone have inked the date 76 - 09 on their skin to mark the untimely death of fellow bandmate Stephen Gately, it has emerged. ANI

Stephen Gately had three-in-a-bed romp before he died
Stephen Gately from the band Boyzone had a three-in-a-bed romp on the night he died, it has emerged. ANI

Stephen Gately had taken cannabis before he died
Late Boyzone singer Stephen Gately had smoked cannabis on the night he died, according to police sources. ANI

Stephen Gately was desperate to have kids
Late Boyzone vocalist Stephen Gately had revealed in his last interview that he had discovered God and was keen to have kids. ANI

Surviving Boyzone members to stay in church with Gatelys body overnight
The four surviving members of Boyzone plan to stay in the church with Stephen Gatelys body overnight before his funeral because late singer didnt like to be alone. ANI

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