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Sinead O'Connor

Sinead Marie Bernadette O'Connor is an Irish singer-songwriter. She rose to fame in the late 1980s with her debut album The Lion and the Cobra. Her 1990 song "Nothing Compares 2 U" is a world wide success.

Sinead O Connor has made several controversial statements such as her ordination as a priest despite being female with a Roman Catholic background, and her expressed strong views on organized religion, women's rights, war, and child abuse.

Sinead O'Connor in News

Sinead O'Connor cancels 2012 tour due to bipolar disorder
Sinead O'Connor has cancelled the remainder of her North American tour, citing her bipolar disorder as the reason.

Sinead O'Connor says music saved her life
Sinead O'Connor has revealed that she would "definitely be dead" if it wasn't for her passion for music.

Sinead O'Connor always longed for 'big, hairy bloke' to 'snuggle'
Sinead O'Connor has confessed to yearning for a "big, hairy bloke" to "snuggle" her.

Sinead O'Connor to find love for ex-boyfriend
Sinead O'Connor has revealed her desire to find a girlfriend for her ex-boyfriend because she feels that he is "too shy" to find love on his own.

Sinead O'Connor smokes pot 'secretly'
Sinead O'Connor has revealed that she "sneaks" into the garden to smoke cannabis, as her children are not aware that she uses the drug.

Sinead O'Connor criticises talent shows
Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has slammed TV talent shows for luring young people into a "worship of fame".

Sinead O'Connor hates to be called 'crazy'
Sinead O'Connor wants sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be treated with kindness, as she thinks referring to them as "crazy" is "a term of abuse".

'Everybody Hurts' named most depressing song of all time
'Everybody Hurts' by American band REM was voted as the saddest song ever, beating Elton John's 'Candle in the Wind', in a poll.

Sinead O'Connor announces reconciliation with fourth hubby
Sinead O'Connor has revealed that she is back together with her on-again off-again husband Barry Herridge.

Sinead O'Connor admitted in hospital for depression treatment
Sinead O'Connor, whose dramatic personal life has been in the headlines for months, has checked herself into hospital to be treated for depression.

Sinead O'Connor pulls plug on marriage for second time in one month
Following her suicide bid earlier this week, Sinead O'Connor has ended her marriage for the second time in a month to child therapist Barry Herridge.

Sinead O'Connor pleads for psychiatric help on Twitter
Sinead O'Connor took to her Twitter account to make an urgent plea for pyschological help.

Sinead O'Connor reunites with 4th hubby after 'mad love making'
Sinead O'Connor, the musician, has reunited with her fourth husband, Barry Herridge, after "mad love making".

Cinedigm Signs Rock Icon Dave Stewart for Recurring In-Theatre Documentary Film Series
Cinedigm Entertainment Group, a division of Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. (NASDAQ: CIDM), announced today that it has signed rock icon Dave Stewart to bring a series of documentary films to movie theatres in a recurring time slot.

Sinead O'Connor splits from 'too nice to trap' fourth husband
Sinead O'Connor has ended her 16-day marriage to Barry Herridge, a 38-year-old therapist, saying that he is 'too nice to trap'.

Charlie Sheen, LiLo in 2011's top 10 celeb meltdowns
Another year goes by with celebs keeping the public entertained with their shenanigans and making news for all the wrong reasons.

Sinead O'Connor's 4th wedding in Las Vegas 'too glorious for words'
Sinead O'Connor, who tied the knot for the fourth time in a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, described the ceremony as "too glorious for words".

Sinead O'Connor says 'bloodbath' tweet against Pope was a joke
Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has insisted that her announcement to perform a "bloodbath" if Pope Benedict XVI visited Ireland was an innocent humour.

'Suicidal' Sinead O'Connor says she is still alive due to her kids
Sinead O'Connor has taken to her Twitter account 'howryeh' to reveal that she would have killed herself had she not had kids.

Sick of 'living like a nun' Sinead O'Connor desperate for 'kinky sex'
Singer Sinead O'Connor has revealed that she is sick of "living like a nun", and has taken to Irish newspapers and her own website to find a new lover.

Sinead O'Connor desperate to find a 'sweet sex-starved hairy man'
Singer Sinead O'Connor has gone public with her desire to find a new man and has listed her requirements for a boyfriend.

Troubled mum Sinead O'Connor 'would welcome social services for help'
Irish singer Sinead O'Connor is having such a difficult time with one of her kids that she said she wouldn't mind taking help if social services called in.

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