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Samantha Ronson

About Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson (August 7, 1977) is a DJ.

In November 09, it is revelaed that Samantha will be along with Lohan where Lohan will be performing at SYD.NYE09 event in Australia for the new year.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Lindsay Lohan

Ronson is the lesbian lover of singer and actress Lindsay Lohan. For more information, read Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson.

Professional Biography

In September 08, Samatha has slammed reports claiming that she refused to play at a New York bar because the clientele were homosexuals.

Other Professional Information

Samantha Ronson in News

LiLo's handlers 'advising her to steer clear of ex Samantha Ronson'
Lindsay Lohan's handlers are urging her to stay away from ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson while the troubled actress is shooting Lifetime biopic about Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton 'Liz 'n' Dick'.

LiLo 'not rekindling relationship with ex Samantha Ronson'
Lindsay Lohan and her ex Samantha Ronson, who were spotted getting intimate in a New York nightclub earlier this week, are not getting back together, insiders have revealed.

LiLo spotted holding ex's hand while leaving NY nightclub
Lindsay Lohan was spotted getting close to her ex Samantha Ronson at a New York City's 'Le Baron' nightclub on Tuesday night.

LiLo's latest tattoo says 'live without regrets'
She's no newbie when it comes to body art and has a few idealistic quotes etched on her skin.

Minor celebs cash in on dating A-list stars
Dating a celebrity can mean big bucks for your bank account if you know how to cash in on it.

'Financially strapped' LiLo splurges on $80k Porsche
Lindsay Lohan wasted no time upon her return home from Europe, where she had been attending fashion shows in Milan and Paris, and splurged on a Porsche worth 80,00 dollars.

Samantha Ronson getting LiLo tattoo removed
Samantha Ronson is having the matching heart tattoo she got in 2008 with Lindsay Lohan covered up, with a new tattoo in its place.

Samantha Ronson to celebrate birthday in Atlantic City
Disc jockey Samantha Ronson is all set to celebrate her birthday in Atlantic City this weekend.

LiLo's ex Samantha Ronson arrested for drunk driving
Lindsay Lohan's former girlfriend and celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Lilo plans "low-key" party to celebrate end of her house arrest
Lindsay Lohan will be having a "low-key" party to celebrate the end of her house arrest and her 25th birthday.

LiLo already busy 'planning post house-arrest party'
Lindsay Lohan has already started chalking out plans for a party after she completes her house arrest.

LiLo 'still open to dating men despite 2-yr lesbian relationship'
Actress Lindsay Lohan, who had a two-year relationship with celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson, has revealed that she is still interested in men.

LiLo says she's not upset with Samantha Ronson's smooching pics
Lindsay Lohan has revealed that the new woman in her ex Samantha Ronson's life is her friend too.

LiLo 'hurt' by Samantha Ronson's passionate clinch with mystery woman
Lindsay Lohan is apparently feeling 'hurt and betrayed' after her on and off girlfriend Samantha Ronson was snapped kissing a mystery woman.

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