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Michael Jackson death, funeral and memorial service

About Michael Jackson death, funeral and memorial service

'King of pop is no more' said the newspapers when news of pop singer Michael Jackson's death on June 25, 2009 came out. He died at the age of 50 after suffering a massive heart attack due to drug overdose (most likely Demerol). His death has left friends and fans devastated. "It doesnt matter if you are black or white", feel shocked fans. MJ is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Hollywood Hills. However, it was not clear where his body was taken for burial after it left the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

It is reported that Jackson has bequeathed 200 unpublished songs for kids worth as much as 100 million dollars for his children. He was, in fact, working on new song with his kids just before his death.

Jackson's daughter Paris was thinking her dad has gone to live with angels. She made a tearful tribute at memorial service in Los Angeles.

MJs death has opened some old wounds for Heath Ledger family, especially his father Kim.

Reasons for death

Jackson's personal doctor has denied giving him drugs in the hours before his death and said the icon died in his sleep. Jacksons chef said he saw stars personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray taking out oxygen tanks from the mansion.

Cops seized bags of prescription drugs from his Beverly Hills home. Cops reportedly finding a horde of 20 different drugs inluding potentially lethal painkillers and anaesthetics. Jackson has believably at least two aliases, including the name of the American author Jack London, to obtain drugs. Jackson's personal doctor is not licensed to administer certain levels of controlled medications in California, according to federal drug regulations.

A copy of Michael Jacksons death certificate has emerged online, stating the cause of death as deferred.

In March 2010, it got revealed that his personal doc Murray was accused of interrupting CPR and causing delay in calling 911 while he tried to conceal drugs.

In June 2010, Joe Jackson has revealed that Michael Jackson died just hours after he had a bitter conversation with his wife.


Los Angeles coroners have found no indication of foul play in Jackson's death after conducting an initial autopsy. His family wanted a second autopsy because they still had unanswered questions, said Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Tributes by leading personalities

Lisa Marie Presley said "Im heartbroken" after learning the news. Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were amongst the first to pay tribue to him.

Devastated Madonna cant stop crying over his death. She honoured Jackson during her London O2 concert where the late singer was due to stage his much-awaited comeback.

US President Barack Obama has sent his condolences to Jacksons family, fans.

Celine Dion feels Jackson felt immense pressure as he was in before his comeback tour.

Memorial service

On July 2, 2009 family representatives confirmed that the official details for the public memorial service for Jackson will be made known on July 3 at 10 am PT. It was later revealed that a free public memorial will be held June 7, 2009 at 1030 LA time (1830 BST) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Millions of people flocked the Jackson memorial website while only 17,500 free tickets are made available to people who register till Saturday, July 04, 2009 6:00 PM. Jackson fans have spent big bucks at online auction websites such as eBay.

Meanwhile, Los Angles is planning a huge deployment of police to keep the crowds in control. Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger said that the restricted area is bounded by Flower Street on the east, Olympic Boulevard on the north, Pico Boulevard to the south and Blaine Street to the west. Considering the huge budget being involved, newspapers reported that authorities depend on private funding to make the massice security arrangements. 8,750 Michael Jackson fans are chosen to attend his memorial service after they have been picked up in a random draw to receive tickets.

Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, and Lionel Richie are among the stars who are set to perform at Jacksons memorial service.

Jacksons personal doctor will not attend the memorial service according to his spokeswoman.

Michael Jackson Memorial Service Event Updates!!

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  • 12:48 PM PST: Memorial service concludes
  • 12:32 PM PST: Jackson's Family members comes on stage. Thank every one who have come. Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Katherine Jackson speaks.
  • 12:22 PM PST: Kenny Ortega, Director, Michael Jackson Concert Tour, speaks on. Performance of "We are the World" starts.. Screen displays logos of religious of the world.. and messages "Gods Great Big Family.. We are the world.. We are the children..". That performance was followed by "Heal the World".
  • 12:18 PM PST: Britain's Got Talent finalist Shaheen Jafargholi is performing "Who's Lovin' You" from Jackson 5

    When I had you I treated you bad and wrong my
    And girl since, since you went away
    Don't you know I sit around with my head hanging
    And I wonder who's lovin' you?

    I should have never ever ever made you cry
    And girl since, since you've been gone
    Don't you know I sit around with my head hanging
    And I woonder who's lovin' you?

    Life without love is oh, so lonely.
    I don't think, I don't think I'm gonna make
    All my love, all my love, yeah, belongs to you
    Come on and take it, girl, come on and take
    Because I-I-I, all I can do, all I can do
    Since you been gone is cry
    And do you, you too, ever wonder or worry your
    pretty little head
    'Bout what I do?
    Don't you know I sit around with my head hanging
    And I wonder who's lovin' you.
    I-I-I-I I wonder, yeah
    I-I-I-I don't know, yeah
    Who's lovin' you?
    . Jafargholi moved fans around the globe to tears with his stunning tribute.
  • 12:13 PM PST: Smokey Robinson is speaking now. Sharing his memory, his song recording. Says he did not believe that a 10 year kid knows something to sing a song like that. Says kids come to him and ask him "You sing Michael Jacksons songs?". Says "I am glad i live in this era. I believe so much in God. I believe this is not it. I believe life is still there after this.. I celebrate your life.. God Bless You."
  • 12:11 PM PST: Screen shows up his childhood performances.
  • 12:09 PM PST: Usher Raymond said "We love Michael". He begins to perform "Gone too soon"

    Like A Comet
    Blazing 'Cross The Evening Sky
    Gone Too Soon

    Like A Rainbow
    Fading In The Twinkling Of An Eye
    Gone Too Soon

    Shiny And Sparkly
    And Splendidly Bright
    Here One Day
    Gone One Night

    Like The Loss Of Sunlight
    On A Cloudy Afternoon
    Gone Too Soon

    Like A Castle
    Built Upon A Sandy Beach
    Gone Too Soon

    Like A Perfect Flower
    That Is Just Beyond Your Reach
    Gone Too Soon

    Born To Amuse, To Inspire, To Delight
    Here One Day
    Gone One Night

    Like A Sunset
    Dying With The Rising Of The Moon
    Gone Too Soon

    Gone Too Soon
  • 11:58 AM PST: US Congress Women for 18th District of Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Texas speaks. Shares her memories with Michael. Shares about a wonder 'American story'. Says 'Michael fought for the people.. And fought a good fight.. Michael Jackson - you all have to learn his story'. Speaks about Michael's giving to the people. 'The King stopped and said - I care for you'. Shows the Resolution 600 that will be debated in the House to recognize Michael Jackson as a World Humanitarian. Says, 'We are a world. Because Michael Jackson was with us.. Michael Jackson, I salute you."
  • 11:51 AM PST: Bernice King and Martin Luther King III walks on the stage. Martin Luther King III expresses condolences to the family members. Begins to speak. Says, amidst referances and messages by Martin Luther King's, says, "..Michael Jackson is truly the best of what he was.. He lived a great entertainer..". Bernice King speaks. Says "Because ultimately at the end of the day it is Gods love.. Michaels work is inspired by the love of God.. Michael is such a one.. Michael is always concerned with humanity.. Michael made my mother smile despite her condition. ".
  • 11:48 AM PST: Jermaine Jackson is singing Charlie Chaplin's: "Smile tho' your heart is aching"

    Smile tho' your heart is aching,
    Smile even tho' it's breaking,
    When there are clouds in the sky
    You'll get by,
    If you smile
    thro' your fear and sorrow,
    Smile and maybe tomorrow,
    You'll see the sun come shin-ing thro' for you
    Light up your face with gladness,
    Hide ev-'ry trace of sadness,
    Al -'tho a tear may be ever so near,
    That's the time,
    You must keep on trying,
    Smile, what's the use of crying,
    You'll find that life is still worth-while,
    If you just smile...
  • 11:38 AM PST: Actress Brooke Shields is speaking. "Michael is one of the kind.. I am 13 when we first met.. We had a bond (she weeps).. I used to tease his 'you are a slacker'.. Both of us meeted as adults very early.. We never collaborated.. or performed together (although he tried but in vein to teach me moon walk). We never filmed a video..But what we did do is.. laugh.. it was a competition to see who can make the other laugh more.. Michael loves to laugh. His heart would blast at the laughs. MJs laugh is the sweetest ive ever saw.. (Shares a moment that happened at Elizabeth Taylor wedding) We are giggling like crazy.. Yes. it may seem very odd to the outside. When he started wearing my glove, i am asked him 'Whats up with my glove?'..He was caring and funny, honest, pure.. he is a lover of life. he care deepely for his family, for his friends and for his fans. He is often refered to as a king but the Michael is like a prince.". She reads: "What moves me so deeply, about this little prince who is sleeping here, is his loyalty to a flower-- the image of a rose that shines through his whole being like the flame of a lamp, even when he is asleep...". She reminds us all of Charlie Chaplin's: "Smile tho' your heart is aching,..Smile even tho' it's breaking,..When there are clouds in the sky..You'll get by,"
  • 11:33 AM PST: John Mayer is performing Jackson's Human Nature on guitar.

    Looking out
    Across the nighttime
    The city winks a sleepless eye

    Hear her voice
    Shake my window
    Sweet seducing sighs

    Get me out
    'Into the nighttime
    Four walls won't hold me tonight

    If this town
    Is just an apple
    Then let me take a bite

    If they say
    Why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way
    If they say
    Why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way

    Reaching out
    To touch a stranger
    Electric eyes are everywhere

    See that girl
    She knows I'm watching
    She likes the way I stare

    If they say
    Why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way
    If they say
    Why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way
    I like lovin' this way
    I like lovin' this way

    Looking out
    Across the morning
    Where the city's heart begins to beat

    Reaching out
    I touch her shoulder
    I'm dreaming of the street

    If they say
    Why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way
    If they say
    Why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way

    If they say
    Why, why, tell 'em that it's human nature
    Why, why, does he do me that way
  • 11:25 AM PST: Al Sharpton is speaking now. Says "Michael has never let his dream..He opened up the whole the music world..It is Michael Jackson that has brought blacks and whites and asians and latinos together.. He created a comfort level.. It is that comfort level.. Michael made us love each other. Michael thought us to stand together. It is not about mess. It is about his love message.. He outperformed the pessimest. Michael never stopped. Michael never stopped. Michael never stopped."
  • 11:20 AM PST: Jennifer Hudson, sporting a baby bump, sang Will you be there.

    Hold Me
    Like The River Jordan
    And I Will Then Say To Thee
    You Are My Friend

    Carry Me
    Like You Are My Brother
    Love Me Like A Mother
    Would You Be There?

    Tell Me Will You Hold Me
    When Wrong, Will You Skold Me
    When Lost Will You Find Me?

    But They Told Me
    A Man Should Be Faithful
    And Walk When Not Able
    And Fight Till The End
    But I'm Only Human

    Everyone's Taking Control Of Me
    Seems That The World's
    Got A Role For Me
    I'm So Confused
    Will You Show To Me
    You'll Be There For Me
    And Care Enough To Bear Me

    (Hold Me) show me
    (Lay Your Head Lowly)
    told me
    (Softly Then Boldly)
    (Carry Me There)
    I'm Only Human

    (Lead Me)
    hold me
    (Love Me And Feed Me)
    ye yeah
    (Kiss Me And Free Me)
    (I Will Feel Blessed)
    I'm Only Human

    (Carry Me Boldly)
    Carry me
    (Lift Me Up Slowly)
    (Carry Me There)
    I'm Only Human

    (Save Me)
    need me
    (Heal Me And Bathe Me)
    lift me up lift me up
    (Softly You Say To Me)
    (I Will Be There)
    I Will Be There

    (Lift Me)
    i'm gonna care
    (Lift Me Up Slowly)
    (Carry Me Boldly)
    (Show Me You Care)
    Show Me You Care

    (Hold Me)
    (Lay Your Head Lowly)
    i git lonly some times
    (Softly Then Boldly)
    i git lonly
    (Carry Me There)
    yeah yeah carry me there
    yeah yeah yeah
    In Our Darkest Hour
    In My Deepest Despair
    Will You Still Care?
    Will You Be There?
    In My Trials
    And My Tripulations
    Through Our Doubts
    And Frustrations
    In My Violence
    In My Turbulence
    Through My Fear
    And My Confessions
    In My Anguish And My Pain
    Through My Joy And My Sorrow
    In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
    I'll Never Let You Part
    For You're Always In My Heart.
  • 11:15 AM PST: Sports stars Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson walks on to the stage. Kobe Bryant is speaking of Michael. Reminds that he is listed in Guinness Book of Records for being the most charity supported by a pop-artist. Magic Johnson is speaking now. Says Michael inspired him to become a better basketball player. Recalls going to his home for dinner. Shares his 'greatest movement' of his life when he met him. Says he was given a real chicken when Michael got Kentucky fried chicken.
  • 11:05 AM PST: Stevie Wonder presents a small message. Is performing the 1971 song Never dreamed you'd leave in Summer from his album Where I'm Coming From

    I never dreamed you'd leave in summer
    I thought you would go then come back home
    I thought the cold would leave by summer
    But my quiet nights will be spent alone

    You said there would be warm love in springtime
    That was when you started to be cold
    I never dreamed you'd leave in summer
    But now I find myself all alone

    You said then you'd be the life in autumn
    Said you'd be the one to see the way
    I never dreamed you'd leave in summer
    But now I find my love has gone away

    Why didn't you stay?

    The song became popular in the movie Poetic Justice in which Janet Jackson performed.

  • 11:04 AM PST: Lights on again.
  • 11:03 AM PST: Lights off. Screen shows clips of Jackson
  • 10:54 AM PST: Berry Gordy, Motown Founder is reading the message. He says, "..He studied the great. and become greater.. He raised the bar..and then he broke the bar". Gordy says Jackson is like his son. Recalls Jackson's first audition before him at age 10 in July 1968. He says "Thank you for the joy, Thank you for the love, You will live in my heart, For ever, I Love you"
  • 10:50 AM PST: Lionel Richie is on stage. He is singing Commodores classic Jesus is Love with the help of a choir

    Help your children
    and don't let them fall
    by the side of the road, mm...mmm....

    And teach them
    to love one another
    that heaven might find
    a place in their hearts

    'Cause Jesus is love
    HE won't let you down
    And I know He's mine forever
    Oh, in my heart

    We've got to walk on
    walk on through temptation
    'Cause His love and His wisdom
    will be our helpin' hand

    And I know the Truth
    and His words will be our salvation
    lift up our hearts
    to be thankful and glad

    That Jesus is love
    He won't let you down
    and i know He's mine
    deep down in my soul

    Jesus is love
    oh, yes, He is
    He won't let you down
    and I know He's mine, He's mine, He's mine, all mine
    Forever, oh, in my heart
    help me,

    (Deep in my heart)
    I know, I know, I know, I know
    Ah, 'cause His love's the power (power)
    His love's the glory (glory)
    forever (ever and ever)

    ooh, yeah (yeah, yeah)
    ooh, yeah (yeah, yeah)
    ooh, yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah)

    I wanna follow your star
    Wherever it leads me And I don't mind, LORD
    I hope you don't mind

    I wanna walk with you
    And talk with you
    and do all the things you want me to do
    'Cause I know that Jesus
    (Jesus is love, I know) 'Cause I know, Lord
    (and if ou ask, I'll show)
    (Love is the word forever) and ever and ever

    Who can bring you love (JESUS)
    Who can bring you joy (JESUS)
    Who can turn your life around (JESUS), oh

    ooh, yeah (yeah, yeah)
    YEah (yeah, yeah)

    Who will pick you up (JESUS)
    when you fall (JESUS)
    who'll stand beside you (JESUS)
    who will love us all

    Hey, hey, Jesus (yeah, yeah)
    Jesus (yeah, yeah)
    oh, yeah (yeah, yeah)

    One thing I wanna say
    who can heal your body (JESUS)
    who can make you strong (JESUS)
    who can make you hold out (JESUS)
    a little while longer

    Ooh, yeah (yeah, yeah)
    yeah (yeah, yeah)
    Jesus love you (yeah, yeah) Jesus wants you
    If you call HIM, HE will answer

    (Jesus) call him in the mornin'
    (Jesus) call him in the evenin'
    (Jesus) call him in the midnight hour

    Hey, hey (yeah, yeah)
    Yeah (yeah, yeah)
    Yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah)
    yeah, y'all say it for me.
  • 10:49 AM PST: Latifah has just completed her speech.
  • 10:46 AM PST: Queen Latifah is reading her message. She spoke about Dancing Machine. She reads remarks of Maya Angelou.
  • 10:40 AM PST: Mariah Carey is singing on stage. She is singing I'll be There along with Trey Lorenz from The Jackson 5's - the 1970 hit. Carey is the second most well known artist interpreter of the song. The song is written by: Hal Davis, Berry Gordy, Jr, Willie Hutch & Bob West.

    [Screaming & clapping.]
    [Backup Singers:] Ooo-ooo.

    [Mariah:] You and I must make a pact.
    We must bring salvation back.
    Where there is love
    , I'll be there.
    [Backup Singers:] I'll be there.

    [Mariah:] I'll reach out my hand to you.
    I'll have faith in all you do.
    Just call my name and I'll be there.
    [Backup Singers:] I'll be there.

    [Trey:] And, oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhh,
    I'll be there to comfort you.
    A-build my world of dreams around ya.
    I'm so glad I found you, yeah.
    I'll be there with a love so strong.
    I'll be your strength,
    You know I'll keep holdin' on.

    [Mariah:] Let me fill your heart,
    With joy and laughter.
    Togetherness, well, it's all I'm after.
    [Backup Singers:] Ooo-oo-oo-oo-ooo.
    [Mariah:] Just call my name and I'll be there.
    [Backup Singers:] I'll be there.

    [Trey:] Yeah-eah-eah-yah-eah.

    [Mariah:] I'll be there to protect you.
    [Trey:] Yeah, baby.
    [Mariah:] With an unselfish love,
    That respects you.
    [Backup Singers:] Ooo-oo-oo-oo-ooo.
    Just call my name and I'll be there.
    [Backup Singers:] I'll be there.

    [Trey:] And, oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhh,
    I'll be there to comfort you.
    Build my world of dreams around ya.
    You know I'm so glad I found ya, baby.
    [Mariah:] So glad, baby.
    [ Find more Lyrics on ]
    I'll be there with a love so strong.
    I'll be your strength,
    [Mariah:] Be your strength.
    [Trey:] You know I'll keep
    [Mariah:] Holdin' on.

    [Trey:] See.

    If you should ever find someone new,
    I know she better be good to you.
    [Trey & Backup Singers:] Ooo-oo-oo-oo-ooo.
    'Cause if she doesn't, then I'll be there.
    [Backup Singers:] I'll be there.

    [Mariah:] Don't you know, baby, yeah, yeah.
    [Mariah & Backup Singers:] I'll be there.
    I'll be there,
    [Mariah:] Ay-yay, yay.
    Just call my name,
    [Backup Singers:] I'll be there.
    [Mariah:] And I'll be there.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-ah.
    I'll be there, baby.
    You know I'll be there.
    Yyyeah- yeah-yeah-yah, yeah-ay-eah.
    Just call my name,
    [Backup Singers:] I'll be there.
    [Mariah:] And I'll be there.

    [Mariah:] Just look over your shoulder.
    Just call my name,
    [Trey:] Yeah-ay.
    [Mariah:] And I'll be there.

    [Backup Singers:] Ooo-oo-ooo. Ooo-oo-ooo.

    [Mariah spoken:] Thank you.
  • 10:38 AM PST: Rev. Lucious Smith is reading a message. He said, "First and foremost, this man was our brother, our son, our father and our friend...In his very beautiful and very human heart, Michael Jackson wanted nothing more than to give love to the world"
  • 11:54 PDT: Jackson family are on their way to memorial.
  • 10:32 AM PST: Celebrations begins. Chorus just begun. Thats the The Andrae Crouch Choir. The choir sings "We are going to see the king".

    We are going to see the King
    Soon and very soon
    WE are going to see the King (hallelujah)
    soon and very soon,
    we are going to see the Kin
    Hallelujah! Halleluhjah! we are going to see the King

    No more crying there
    we are going to see the King
  • 10:27 AM PST: Some long silence. Audience begins to whisper.
  • 10:16 AM PST: The Jumbotron at NY Times Square is broadcasting the pictures live.
  • 10:14 AM PST: Message sent by Nelson Mandela is just read.
  • 10:13 AM PST: Memorial service begins
  • 10:10 AM PST: Only 100 seats appears to have been left.
  • Seven people (mostly Jackson's elder brothers) served as pallbearers have carried the golden casket covered with red flowers.
  • Choppers are seen moving round the venue to keep things in control and for coverage.
  • A long array of black vehicles drove to the staples Center.
  • People are seen chanting "Michael!! Michael!! A heart shaped floral arrangement has been put outside the Staples Center entrance
  • People from various countries including Brazil, UK have come near to the centre just to have a glimpse of his coffin though they do not have any tickets. People have skipped their lunch and office work. Kids stayed away from school.
  • 88 movie theaters in 33 US states are broadcasting the memorial service live on television.

Memorial service coverage on Internet

Internet Content Delivery Network major Akamai delivered more than 2,185,000 live and on-demand streams in Flash® and Windows® Media formats. Total traffic on the Akamai network surpassed a rate of more than 2 terabits per second during the memorial service.

Funeral / Cremation

Jacksonwill be buried on Tuesday, July 07, 2009 at the Forest Lawn cemetery in Hollywood Hills in a private ceremony. Jackson will be buried sans his brain in a $2,50,000 gold plated coffin. Jacksons funeral is bigger than that of Princess Diana or the 1984 Olympic Games! About 2.5 billion people worldwide are expected to watch the funeral on television compared to that of Diana which was viewed by 250,000 at London's Hyde Park alone. In fact, it is the 2nd most watched event on TV ever. The global internet video-viewing event will be bigger than US President Barack Obama inauguration.

Earlier on July 6, 2009, several members of the Jackson family are seen visiting the cemetery even when it is night. Brother Randy and sister LaToya are spotted entering the Forest Lawn.

Britains Got Talent finalist Shaheen Jafargholi, a 12-year-old from Swansea, will perform at Michael Jacksons memorial.

Jackos funeral is likely to be bigger than that of Elvis Presley's in 1977, when 75,000 fans lined the streets of Memphis. If that happens, Jackson's funeral will become the biggest the entertainment world has seen. Following the funeral may be a public service, expected to claim a global audience as big as that of Princess Diana.

Top attendees to the funeral

Dame Elizabeth Taylor said she loved Jackson too much and refuses to attend funeral.

It is reported that his former wife, Debbie Rowe will not be attending his memorial service.

Quincy Jones wont attend Jackos funeral as hes sure he wont be able to cope with the sadness.

Other Related Information

Michael Jackson death, funeral and memorial service in News

Dad wanted us to have childhood, says MJ's daughter Paris
Michael Jackson's daughter Paris has said that she understands why her dad, Michael Jackson was so protective over them.

MJ wanted to marry me, says Brazil's TV host
Brazil's children's television show host Xuxa has claimed that the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson wanted to marry her.

MJ's estate suing former manager for conning popstar of millions
Michael Jackson's estate is suing the popstar's former manager for ripping the singer off millions of dollars.

MJ's house contents auctioned for nearly $1 mln
The items of the rented mansion where Michael Jackson died in June 2009 have been sold for nearly 1 million dollars.

MJ's hair expected to sell for more than $5k at auction
A lock of Michael Jackson's "hair", which has been reportedly retrieved from a shower drain is expected to sell for more than 5,000 dollars in an auction.

Jackson brothers settle lawsuit over MJ's red leather jacket replicas
Michael Jackson's brothers have settled with the company that they claimed to have "duped" them over sales of the pop legend's red leather jacket replicas.

MJ's mother upset over inadequate payment of crew in tribute show
Michael Jackson's mother Katherine has been "extremely displeased" after she found out that crew members who worked on the pop legend's tribute concert last month were not fully paid.

MJ's deathbed pulled from auction
The bed Michael Jackson died has been pulled from sale at the request of the Jackson Estate.

MJ 'entrapped' me into living in his home, says doc Conrad Murray
Michael Jackson's jailed doctor Conrad Murray has claimed in a documentary, that the late King of Pop betrayed him by trapping him into living in his home and providing him continuous medical and emotional support.

MJ's mum 'very happy' with Conrad Murray's guilty verdict
Michael Jackson's mother Katherine is said to be very happy after Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of manslaughter in the pop legend's murder trial.

David Gest's MJ film to 'set the story straight'
David Gest has revealed that his new film about Michael Jackson will "set the story straight" about the pop legend.

Patients scared of being drugged with MJ's 'killer' anaesthetic
After Michael Jackson died due to an overdose of propofol, patients in hospitals are terrified they will be given the anaesthetic that killed the late King of Pop.

Akamai Vice President Troy Snyder Joins Abacast Board of Directors
Abacast, a provider of digital advertising software and services to the media industry, has announced the addition of veteran technologist, Troy Snyder, to their board of directors.

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