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Lady Gaga and her Personal Life

About Lady Gaga and her Personal Life


Natali Germanotta is her sister. In June 2010, GaGa attended Natali's high school graduation in New York wearing a nude, lace bodysuit, black veil and platforms.

Lady GaGa relationships

In August 09, it is reported she wants to have sex with Take That members all at once! She revealed that she would never cheat on a boyfriend because she has a very strong moral code.

In 2011, she dated Luc Carl.

Lady GaGa dressing style

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In February 2011, Gaga revealed that her main ambition is to maintain her musical success and integrity.


In May 2010, she admitted that using Ecstasy.


In May 2010, she was tested for lupus, the same genetic disease that killed her aunt and was reported to be borderline positive.

GaGa Diet

GaGa's tour manager said she was hospitalized six times in 2009 because of her yo-yo dieting. Gaga has become a stickler for maintaining a healthy routine since fainting during a gig in New Zealand, revealed her choreographer in August 2010.

Other Personal Information

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