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Lady Gaga and her dressing

About Lady Gaga Dressing

Lady GaGa has a remarkably special dressing style which is visible in her performances and public appearances. Her barely-there outfits prompted a cover-up call from cops in March 09. In May 09, she was seen wearing a collection of transparent balls for a concert in New York starting a new trend in celebrity fashion. Later during the month, she appeared at London nightspot Bungalow 8 in a see-through chiffon catsuit.

In April 09, she left little to the imagination after baring it nearly all in a see-through catsuit.

In May 09, her appearance in photoshoot wearing a leather leotard made Russian cops mistakefor a prostitute. Gaga's Bridget Jones-style big knickers and pants have become a crazy amongst girls who increasingly try to follow her.

In June 09, she is accused by Swedish singer September that Lady GaGa stole her dressing style.

In September 09, she stepped out in a bizarre see-through red lace catsuit teamed up with eye mask and eccentric spiky hair piece at the New York Fashion Week.

In November 09, a celebrity photographer AJ Sokalner suffered a massive heart attack and died at the ACE Awards Gala just minutes after pop star Lady Gaga stepped onto the red carpet to greet fans dressed in a shockingly provocative outfit. During the month, she appeared in Vogue magazine dressed as a witch.

In February 2010, she got the words Little Monsters, her nickname for her admirers, tattooed on her arm.

In March 2010, she posted a topless photograph of herself on her Twitter page.

Her fan Denise Kuan is so obsessed with her idols whimsical ways that she dresses like her while doing everything from making the bed to taking out the trash.

Her big-eyed effect, made popular by the singer in her Bad Romance video, is increasingly gaining popularity among teens who are using circle lenses to change the look of their eyes in size and colour.

Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue has revealed that its unimaginable for her to wear Gaga's outlandish outfits.

In September 2010, she appeared in a Barbie outfit.

On February 17, 2011 Gaga bared belly in the nearly freezing streets of Manhattan.

In February 2011, Gaga wore a 'latex condom inspired outfit' on 'Good Morning America' to promote 'safe sex'.

On February 26, 2011, new pictures revealed Lady Gaga without her trousers on a date with boyfriend Luc Carl.

Lady Gaga and her dressing in News

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Pop sensation Lady Gaga once again turned heads when she arrived at Los Angeles International Airport, wearing very little, and a pair of handcuffs around her waist. ANI

NY butchers say Gaga didn't splurge on expensive beef for meat dress
After Lady Gaga turned heads at the MTV Video Music Awards with her raw meat outfit, New York butchers were asked to identify cuts of beef on her dress. ANI

Lady Gaga sparks outrage by wearing raw meat outfit to MTV Awards
Lady Gaga has once again raised eyebrows by wearing an outfit made of raw meat to the MTV Video Music Awards. ANI

Lady Gaga's meat bikini pic in Vogue draws animal rights ire
Pop star Lady Gaga has angered animal rights activists after appearing on the cover of the September issue of Mens Vogue Japan clad in a bikini made of raw meat. ANI

Lady Gaga transforms into risque Lady Liberty for V Magazine cover
Popstar Lady Gaga has morphed into a risque Lady Liberty for the cover shoot of the new issue of V Magazine in a lacy black bra and panties ANI

Lady Gaga sets off alarm bells with metal-studded corset at airport
Super star Lady Gaga didnt get any special treatment after setting off an airport metal detector recently. ANI

Lady Gaga puts her eccentric taste in clothes down to a drop of whisky
Lady Gaga has revealed the reason behind her eccentric taste in clothes. ANI

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