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Jay Kay

About Jay Kay

Jay Kay is the lead singer in Jamiroquai

Personal Biography

Relationship with Denise Van Outen

Kay moved close with English television hostess Denise Van Outen but they parted their ways in 2001.

Professional Biography

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Jay Kay in News

Jay Kay Masters the ‘7 Golden Rules of Zen Wisdom’ in His Latest Novel
Recently launched book ‘7 Golden Rules of Zen Wisdom’ by Author Jay Kay talks about the revelations of truth that will heal the negative conditioning of the mind. This compilation is based on a true story of transformation and research conducted in the US. ‘7 Golden Rules of Zen Wisdom’ states that our mind has the ability to expand to the Super Consciousness

Jay Kay hoping to meet 'luscious ladies' Down Under
A trip Down Under has made Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay desperate enough to meet some 'luscious antipodean ladies'.

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