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Gary Glitter

About Gary Glitter

Gary Glitter is a singer and rocker.

Sources say, Gary, upon the advise of his lawyer, is trying to relocate to Ireland to avoid his five-million pounds fortune from being taxed.

Glitter, whose real name is Paul Gadd, had been jailed for three years in Vietnam in March 2006 for committing obscene acts with two girls aged 10 and 11. Gary stands to make £100,000 after advertising chiefs used one of his songs for an HP touchscreen device ad. In August 08, he was forced to flee his seaside hideaway after his whereabouts were made public.

In September 09, he failed to get travel ban aborted.

Gary Glitter in News

Convicted sex offender Gary Glitter to be paid thousands in royalties
The BBC has been criticised for airing an archive footage performance of Gary Glitter on British music chart show 'Top of the Pops', that will earn the disgraced star hefty royalties.

Gary Glitter could earn thousands of pounds from Super Bowl royalties
Gary Glitter, who is a convicted child molester, could pocket thousands of pounds when his 1972 hit 'Rock and Roll Part II' is played at the Super Bowl final next month.

Outrage over lifting of travel ban on paedophile Gary Glitter
Child protection campaigners have expressed their resentment over the decision to lift the three-and-a-half year travel ban on convicted paedophile Gary Glitter.

Glee criticised for featuring convicted sex offender Gary Glitter's song
Producers of television series Glee have been criticised by executives at a children's charity for featuring a song by convicted sex offender Gary Glitter in a classroom scene.

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