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Courtney Love

About Courtney Love

Courtney Love is 'Nirvana' frontman Kurt Cobain's widow. She is an American singer-songwriter and actress. She formed the alternative rock bank Hole in 1989.

Personal Biography

Courtney Love married Kurt Kobain on February 24, 1992 at the Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. They first met in January 1989, but started dating in 1991. The couple has a daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

In April 2012, Courtney accused former 'Nirvana' drummer Dave Grohl for trying to seduce her daughter Frances Bean Cobain. However, Frances Bean has taken the side with Dave Grohl and said that Twitter should ban her mother Courtney Love.

Other Personal Information

In September 2009, Courtney Love reportedly has the hots for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

In November 2010, Courtney Love posted risque photos of herself on her twitter page.

Courtney Love in News

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Courtney Love sued by ex lawyers over unpaid fees
Courtney Love is being sued by her lawyers for over 400,000 dollars in alleged unpaid legal bills.

Courtney Love minimising tech use
Courtney Love has deleted most of the contacts from her cell phone and vowed to axe her Facebook page in a bid to simplify her life.

LiLo takes up spiritual chanting with pal Courtney Love
Lindsay Lohan is set to put her troubled past behind by taking up spiritual chanting, according to her friend Courtney Love.

Courtney Love apologises to daughter Frances Bean Cobain on Twitter
Courtney Love has apologised to her daughter Frances Bean Cobain for her recent twitter rant.

Courtney Love's ex-assistant describes her as 'drug addict' in tell-all book
One of Courtney Love's former assistant is said to be trying to sell a new book, claiming to offer the singer's deepest darkest secrets, involving her derailed love life and rampant denial of serious drug problems.

Courtney Love to sue over leaked restraining order filed by daughter
Courtney Love, who has been left furious over leaked testimony in which her daughter Frances Bean Cobain accused her of killing pets, has reportedly threatened to sue.

Courtney Love killed family pets, daughter claims
Courtney Love is described as an unstable maternal figure, in newly released deposition papers that were filed by her daughter in 2009 seeking a restraining order against the troubled rocker.

Courtney Love wins eviction case against landlord
Courtney Love won't be evicted from her rented West Village townhouse.

Courtney Love slams landlord for making her vacate NY house
Courtney Love has slammed her "vicious" landlord for filing a lawsuit to evict the singer from her New York home, insisting that the legal action is "weird as heck".

Courtney Love getting kicked out of $8m NY home for wrecking it
Courtney Love has been told to vacate her New York apartment after she wrecked the decor and caused a fire inside the 27,000 dollars-a-month designer house.

Courtney Love suffers fashion faux pas at 'Young Adult' premiere in NYC
Courtney Love looked completely dishevelled in her designer gown as she hit the red carpet of the 'Young Adult' premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC.

Lindsay Lohan's rep denies Courtney Love's her 'sobriety coach'
Lindsay Lohan's representative has denied reports of Courtney Love being the troubled star's sobriety coach.

LiLo chooses former junkie Courtney Love as sobriety coach
Lindsay Lohan has chosen former junkie Courtney Love as her sobriety coach to help in her battle with alcohol and drugs.

Courntey Love offers Kurt Cobain songs to X Factor
Courtney Love shocked Kurt Cobain's fans by offering his songs to Simon Cowell for use on The X Factor.

Courtney Love flashes ni*ple after wardrobe malfunction
Courtney Love had a massive ni*ple slip after suffering from wardrobe malfunction at the premiere of children's film Hugo.

Courtney Love strips and performs topless at Brazilian gig
Courtney Love lived up to her wild child image as she stripped off and went topless on stage during her performance at a music festival in Sao Paulo Brazil earlier on Monday night.

Courtney Love blasts fan for flashing Kurt Cobain's pic during show
Courtney Love was outraged at a fan, who held up a picture of her late husband Kurt Cobain during her band Hole's appearance at Brazil's SWU festival on Nov 13.

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