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Amelle Berrabah

About Amelle Berrabah

Amelle Berrabah is a British singer and a member of the band Sugababes. In September 07, Amelle's stint has almost come to an end after other members think they have had enough of her quarrelsome ways. In March 09, Amelle Berrabah is spotted along with other band members in a see-through dress.

Amelle Berrabah in News

Amelle Berrabah says her eating problem is she eats too much
'Never Leave You' singer Amelle Berrabah has revealed that she has an eating problem, but it has to do with her eating too much.

Sugababes' latest album to be more personal and less 'Americanised'
Sugababes have revealed that their latest album will be less 'Americanised' and more revealing of the groups' personalities.

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