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Tobacco's content of toxic nicotine 'makes it an excellent green pesticide'
Scientists are searching for new uses of tobacco and one potential use they have found is its use as a natural pesticide, due to tobacco's content of toxic nicotine.

'Gold bullet' to kill breast cancer cells on the anvil
Scientists from Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, Texas, are developing a 'golden bullet' that will destroy breast cancer tumour cells.

New snub-nosed monkey found in Northern Myanmar
Scientists have found a new species of monkey in Northern Myanmar (formerly Burma.)

Accurate facial-recognition goes mobile, courtesy new software
Scientists in the UK have come up with new software for mobile phones that can track your facial features in real-time.

3-D egg protein structure could pave way for new contraceptives
Scientists have determined the three dimensional structure of the egg protein that helps the sperm stick during fertilisation.

High-resolution microarray used to advance malaria research
Scientists have developed and used a high-density SNP array for the malaria vector mosquito, which has established 400,000 genetic markers capable of revealing new insights into how the insect adapts to outsmart insecticides and other preventive measures.

Increased shipping likely to accelerate climate change as Arctic warms
Scientists have revealed that as the ice-capped Arctic Ocean warms, ship traffic will increase at the top of the world.

New study gives clues about carbon dioxide patterns at end of Ice Age
A new study has put to rest the mystery of where old carbon was stored during the last glacial period.

Genetic code of sudden death cardiac killer cracked
Scientists have cracked the genetic code of a sudden death cardiac killer.

Over 100 killed, 500 missing as Tsunami hits Indonesia after 7.2 magnitude earthquake
At least 108 people died and over 500 went missing after earthquake of 7.2 Richter Scale caused Tsunami here on Monday in Mentawai islands.

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