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Turin Shroud

About Turin Shroud

Turin Shroud is cloth said to have covered the body of Christ. It is reported that Turin Shroud will be in Italy in April 2010.

Turin Shroud in News

Turin Shroud produced after Jesus' crucifixion, says historian
The Turin Shroud - a linen cloth bearing the image of a bearded man and venerated for centuries as Christ's burial cloth - is not only probably a medieval fake but it is just one of an astonishing 40 so-called burial cloths of Jesus produced over a thousand years after his death, a leading Church historian has claimed.

Mysterious Turin Shroud 'supports resurrection of Christ'
A British researcher has revealed a new theory that links the Turin Shroud to Resurrection.

Turin Shroud may be Christ's genuine burial robe
The Turin Shroud, one of the most studied artefacts in human history, could be the authentic burial robe of Jesus Christ, researchers say.

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