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Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin

About Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin relationship

Prior to wedding

In May 08, days before her wedding, McLoughlin said she is not dieting but is eating healthy as she dosent want to change her appearance dramatically.

The wedding process

The couple has put £3m butterfly-themed wedding at a former Italian monastery to celebrate their wedding occassion.

Hooker romps and related trouble

Rooney said that his fear of losing his son Kai over his hooker romps saying, being a dad is everything to me. Rooney apparently regretted after cheating on his pregnant wife with two prostitutes, it has been revealed. He got some relief when Coleen agreed to take him back.

Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin in News

Wayne Rooney uses flower power to woo back wife
Star footballer Wayne Rooney tried to utilise the flower power to win back his wife Coleen after blaming her for his philandering. ANI

'Love-rat' Wayne Rooney's wife to ask him: 'How many more there are'
Wayne Rooneys philandering claims has shattered his wife Coleen and has forced her to ask her husband how many more there are. ANI

'Love-rat' Wayne Rooney 'tries to patch up with wife Coleen'
After telling his wife Coleen to get over it, Wayne Rooney, who slept with a prostitute while his wife was pregnant, seems to be making efforts to patch up with her. ANI

Wayne Rooney hooker's parents apologize to Coleen
Parents of Wayne Rooney hooker Jenny Thompson has publicly apologized to the footballers shattered wife Coleen. ANI

Wayne Rooney's wife 'to listen to his side of story over hooker claims'
Troubled soccer star Wayne Rooney is set to face wife Coleen for the first time after the news of his alleged link up with prostitutes emerged and it is likely to decide the fate of their marriage. ANI

Love-rat Wayne Rooney 'destroyed wife's second baby plan'
Shattered Coleen Rooney is said to have admitted that cheating husband Wayne Rooneys romp with a hooker has ruined her dream of their second child. ANI

Rooney's wife tells him: 'I don't need you anymore'
Love-rat Wayne Rooneys romp with hooker has bought his marriage to an end as wife Coleen has said she does not need him anymore. ANI

Wayne Rooney romped with more women behind wife's back?
Wayne Rooneys cousin Natalie has warned his wife Coleen that more shocking details are set to become public after the revelations from hooker Jenny Thompson. ANI

Rooney's 1200 pounds hooker romp could set him back by 100m pounds
Love rat Wayne Rooney could lose 100million pounds if sponsors snub him and wife Coleen demands a divorce. ANI

Coleen could pocket œ10m if she divorces Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooneys wife Coleen could fetch 10million pounds if she divorces the love rat footballer. ANI

Rooney texted wife to confess about philandering with call girl
Love rat Wayne Rooney took the help of text messages to inform his wife Coleen about claims that he repeatedly cheated on her with a prostitute. ANI

Wayne Rooney 'bedded hooker while wife was pregnant'
Wayne Rooney had a series of encounters with a prostitute while his wife Coleen was pregnant, it has emerged. ANI

Wayne Rooney wants three or four kids
As details of English footballer Wayne Rooneys marriage to Coleen McLoughlin emerged, the bride revealed her desire to have children. ANI

Wayne Rooney wedding party noise compels furious neighbours call police
People residing near the five-star Hotel Bentley in Genoa, Italy, became so angry over ace footballer Wayne Rooneys noisy wedding party last night, that they called the police to complain about it. ANI

Wayne Rooney couldnt sleep a wink on his wedding night!
Coleen McLoughlin surprised her hubby Wayne Rooney with a special wedding day gift - a performance by the Stereophonics, which kept the football star up all night. ANI

Wedding dress emergency has Rooneys gal dashing to New York
Wayne Rooneys fiancee Coleen McLoughlin has been working out to make sure that she looks her best for the couples big day. However, she was in for quite a shock after she found out that all that exercising has meant that she no longer fits into her wedding dress as its just too loose. ANI

Westlife to perform at Wayne Rooneys wedding
Irish band Westlife is set to perform at the wedding of soccer star Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin. ANI

Coleen Mcloughlin orders cabinet to preserve her £100,000 wedding gown
Wayne Rooneys wife Coleen Mcloughlin is so much in love with her wedding gown that the she has ordered a specially made cabinet to preserve it in their mansion in Prestbury, Cheshire. ANI

Wayne Rooney and Coleen enjoying honeymoon in Sin City
Newlyweds Wayne Rooney and Coleen are having a blast on their honeymoon in Las Vegas. ANI

Wayne Rooney vowed to change his nationality to Welsh!
Rock singer Kelly Jones made Wayne Rooney promise that the footballer would change his nationality to Welsh before singing at his wedding reception. ANI

Wayne and Coleen head for honeymoon, dismiss unholy wedding row
English footballer Wayne Rooney and his newly wed wife Coleen are heading off to a secret location for their honeymoon despite claims by the priest that their wedding had been conducted on ground not authorised for religious services. ANI

Rooneys 250,000 pounds wedding sparkler for his new bride
Newlywed Wayne Rooney sealed his love for new wife Coleen by giving her a stunning diamond encrusted ring, worth 250,000 pounds. ANI

Wayne Rooney, Coleen McLoughlin marry in rain-soaked Italian wedding
Wayne Rooney And Coleen Mcloughlins nuptials may have cost them a staggering 3 million pounds but there was one thing that all that dough couldnt buy - good weather. ANI

Rooney and Coleen throw theme party on £80m floating palace
Wayne Rooney and fiancee Coleen certainly had a blast the day before their wedding when they threw a black-and-white themed party on RM Elegant, the 80million pounds yacht theyve hired. ANI

Wayne Rooney and Coleen Mcloughlin exchange wedding vows
English footballer Wayne Rooney exchanged wedding vows with Coleen Mcloughlin on June 10 wearing beachwear. ANI

Rooney and Coleens 24-hour non-stop party on œ40m wedding yacht
After exchange wedding vows in an intimate ceremony, soccer idol Wayne Rooney and fiancee Coleen McLouglin would be giving a lavish wedding party at a 40 million pound superyacht. ANI

Coleen Mcloughlin spotted shopping at her favourite store
Coleen Mcloughlin was seen as having been to her favourite shop when she was spotted carrying a bag with the boutiques name on it. ANI

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