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Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans

About Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans relationship

Actor Rhys Ifans and Sienna Miller are found moving close in late 2007.

Ifans had proposed her twice before, but it was the third time that was the lucky charm. The first time had been in August of 2007, after he sent her a cryptic message in Welsh, which read: "Marry the Misfit" and then in December 06 at her 26th birthday party, by hiding an engagement ring in a pile of gifts. On the third try Sienna finally accepted his proposal, and the two planned a summer wedding. Ifans mum Beti-Wyn Evans said she is very happy about the whole thing and is looking forward to having Miller as her daughter-in-law.

He wrote a poem in her favorite language, bought an engagement ring and planned a romantic night on her 26th birthday in December 07.

Ifans, in March 09, has said that he has no regrets as far as his split from Sienna Miller is concerned, as it made him learn the valuable lesson of staying away from high profile relationships.

In June 09, Miller has sent a congratulatory message to Ifans for landing a part in new movie Nottingham.

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