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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James

About Sandra Bullock and Jesse James relationship

Television personality Jesse James and film actress Sandra Bullock are married.

The two met when she visited his motorbike store in California. She said, she imagined him to be obese with handlebar moustache. She confessed being a hard to handle wife and is lucky that James accepts her for who she is.

Bullock revealed that she knew that her husband Jesse was 'the one' for her, after she looked after him following a near-fatal bike accident.

In September 09, it appeared Sandra is seemingly jealous of her husband James increasing popularity.

In November 09, it is revealed that Sandra Bullock has has put James in a ban from getting tattoos on certain parts of his body.

In February 2010, Bullock revealed that her grooming preparations for Valentines Day ended up in disaster.

Daugher Sunny

Sunny is the daughter of Jesse James and Janine Lindemulder. Bullock became a step mum and loved looking after Sunny even while she realises she would never have kids of her own. The couple won full custody of Sunny in January 09 with Lindemulder getting jailed for tax evasion. In October 09, Bullock was caught up in a legal battle after Lindemulder turned to court claiming she is a better parent than the actress. In November Lindemulder pointed that she wants to talk Sandra Bullock face to face. Earlier James and Bullock pointed out that Lindemulder is unfit to raise Sunny because of an alleged drug addiction. In December 09, a court in Orange County, California has reportedly denied a request to expand visitation rights to Lindemulder after she sought overnight visits with Sunny.

Jesse James' affair with tattoo model

In March 2010, news broke out that Jesse had an affair with tattoo model and stripper Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, while her actress wife was busy filming The Blind Side in Atlanta. James apologized to Bullock for cheating on her. Bullock however has decided to move out of their Los Angeles home. Meanwhile McGee has claimed that she has text messages as proof of their fling.

Support for Sandra

Love torn Bullock sought her Speed co-star Keanu Reeves advice following the revelation of her husbands affair. Soon after Reeves, Hugh Grant came forward in providing emotional support to Bullock. The two have been apparently talking over the phone, following the TV mechanics link up with a tattoo model.

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