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Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo

About Paris Hilton and Cristiano Ronaldo relationship

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and football star Cristiano Ronaldo are spotted moving close during 2009.

In July 09, it is reported that Hilton dumped Ronaldo because she didnt want to be just a WAG. Ronaldo turned down Hilton's huge come-on. However, news reports emerged later that Ronaldo celebrated his historic 80million pounds transfer to Real Madrid by sharing a hot night with Paris Hilton in a Hollywood club. She however got all set to chase Ronaldo all the way to Madrid. Later during the month, Paris laughed off reports linking her to Ronaldo insisting that she hasnt even met the soccer ace.

Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho, who is set to become the coach of Real Madrid, has said that he would love to manage Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and doesnt mind Ronaldo partying with Paris Hilton.

Now Ronaldo winks his way to a threesome
Continuing the celebration of his record 80 million pounds transfer to Real Madrid, football ace Cristiano Ronaldo gave three sexy girls his trademark winks and then took them to his hotel room for a night of dirty dancing. ANI

Is Paris Hilton preggers after mother of all make-outs with Ronaldo?
Just days after Paris Hilton hooked up with Cristiano Ronaldo, the hotel heiress was spotted at a medical centre, sparking baby rumours. ANI

Paris Hilton on Ronaldo: Were very good friends
Paris Hilton has finally broken her silence over her alleged fling with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. ANI

Ronaldos mum urges ex-girlfriend to win him back from Paris
Cristiano Ronaldos mum is so against her sons blossoming relationship with Paris Hilton that she has reportedly asked his ex-girlfriend to win him back. ANI

Christiano Ronaldo enjoys with hot babes in Vegas without Paris
Christiano Ronaldo continued celebrated his 80million pounds move from Manchester United to Real Madrid by enjoying a weekend in Las Vegas with a bevy of hot beauties. ANI

Mom is Christiano Ronaldos No1 woman
Although girls all over the world drool over Christiano Ronaldo, his mom remains to be the number one woman in his life. ANI

Paris Hilton hits back at media over Ronaldo rumours
Paris Hilton has ranted against the media on her Twitter page over stories linking her to soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, insisting that such reports are nothing but pure fiction. ANI

Ronaldo may have bedded 80,000 girls, claims ex!
Cristiano Ronaldos former girlfriend has suggested that the footballer may have bedded 80,000 girls since he dumped her. ANI

Paris Hilton ditched Cristiano Ronaldo because hes a real cissy
The reason why Paris Hilton ditched Cristiano Ronaldo after two nights of passion is apparently that the soccer ace is a real cissy. ANI

Paris is just a sh*g to Ronaldo, says his ex
Cristiano Ronaldos former girlfriend has claimed that Paris Hilton is just another sh*g, a fling, one of many that have passed through the soccer aces bed. ANI

Cristiano Ronaldo says hes too busy for Paris Hilton
Just two weeks after sharing mother of all make-outs with Paris Hilton, Christiano Ronaldo has lost interest in the hotel heiress, and says that he is too busy for her. ANI

Ronaldo says he had a ball with Paris Hilton
Cristiano Ronaldo has finally spoken about his racy tryst with Paris Hilton, saying that he had a ball with the hotel heiress. ANI

Ronaldo set for long-distance fling with Paris Hilton despite mums disapproval
While Paris Hilton refused to join Christiano Ronaldo in Vegas and flew off to Dubai, the love-struck footballer is all set for a long-distance fling with the hotel heiress. ANI

Paris Hilton eyes herself and Ronaldo as the next Posh and Becks!
American socialite Paris Hilton reportedly wants herself and soccer ace Cristiano Ronaldo to become the next Victoria and David Beckham. ANI

Christiano Ronaldos second cosy night with Paris Hilton
Less than 24 hours after their first steamy night together, Christiano Ronaldo and Paris Hilton reportedly spent some more time together at a private bash. ANI

Ronaldos gifted in many departments, gushes model
A socialite who claims that shes spent the night with soccer ace Christiano Ronaldo cant stop gushing about his being gifted in many departments. ANI

Ronaldo turning into a woman magnet in LA!
Cristiano Ronaldo is certainly enjoying life in the singles street once again, becoming a literal woman magnet in LA where hes holidaying. ANI

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