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Katie Price and Peter Andre Relationship

About Katie Price and Peter Andre relationship

Peter Andre and model Katie Price a.k.a Jordan married on September 10, 2005 at Highclere Castle, Hampshire. The couple had two kids. The couple are criticized for sexually explicit behavior in the reality show called "Jordan and Peter: The Next Chapter" for re-enacted sex scenes and had inappropriate discussions about sex in front of their children.

Reports in December 08 said that Kate is pregnant and the couple are expecting their fourth child. The couple are reported to be desperate to make their marriage work to protect their fortune.


Reports in June 09 said that the two decided never to speak to one another again and to only communicate through their lawyers. The duo event went for marriage counselling before split in a last-ditch attempt to save their crumbling relationship, it has emerged. Reports said Katie would have never ended her marriage with Andre if the decision had been in her hands. Jordon rubbished reports that she is having an emotional meltdown following her spilt. Later during the month, Jordon said Andre is capitalising on their split.

Katie is reported to have sent love messages to Andre just two weeks before they were divorced. Drunken Katie begged Andre to get back together in her texts sent just days before their divorce.

Andre does not want any share in the 12million pounds he earned with ex-wife Katie Price, according to reports. Reports also suggested Andre may reveal the unknown truth behind the spilt with Price once their divorce is sealed. Andre pledged he will never get back together with Jordan despite her desperate pleas.

Battle over kids

In June 09, the two are locked in new battle over kids. Andre went on and embarked on fitness regime to stay fir for kids sake.

Post divorce

In November 09, the couple were spotted booking into the same hotel in London.

Katie Price and Peter Andre Relationship in News

Celeb psychologist says Peter Andre is handling divorce better than Jordan
Celebrity psychologist Linda Papadopoulos has revealed that Aussie singer Peter Andre is handling divorce better than his ex-wife Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan. ANI

Peter Andre wins sex doll libel
Peter Andre has won a lawsuit against a magazine that alleged he treated former wife Jordan a.k.a Katie Price like a sex doll. ANI

I havent slept with any woman since Jordan, says Peter Andre
Peter Andre has revealed that he hasnt had sex with any woman after parting ways with ex-wife Katie Price a.k.a Jordan. ANI

Peter Andre furious with Katie Price after terminations disclosure
Peter Andre is furious with ex-wife Katie Price after she revealed in a recent interview that she had undergone abortions while living with him, sources say. ANI

Andre hits back at Jordan over claims hes sleeping with a string of women
Peter Andre has hit back at ex-wife Katie Price for alleging that he sleeps with a string of women, hinting shes a liar. ANI

Jordan leaves Andre reeling after secretly selling his beloved dogs
Peter Andre is reeling after her former wife Jordan secretly sold his beloved dogs, according to reports. ANI

Jordan says Alex Reid has sent her sex drive through the roof
Jordan, a.k.a Katie Price, has bragged about how her cage fighter beau has led her to have a higher sex drive. ANI

Jordans cage fighter beau threatens Andre over phone
Jordans cage-fighter boyfriend has reportedly threatened Peter Andre over the phone, telling him: Ill come round and sort you out. ANI

Jordan spooked by Alex Reids obsession for her
Katie Price a.k.a Jordan feels her lover Alex Reid is obsessed with her because he proposes her to marry him 50 times a day and pleads for a baby, it has emerged. ANI

Katie Price, Peter Andre to release tell-all books
Former model Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, and Aussie singer Peter Andre are planning to release tell-all books on why their marriage ended in divorce. ANI

Peter Andre yet to get over Jordan split
Peter Andre has confessed that he is yet to completely get over his split from former partner Jordan, a.k.a. Katie Price. ANI

Jordans mum breaks silence over daughters split from Andre
Katie Price a.k.a Jordans mother has spoken out about her daughters split from Peter Andre, calling her former son-in-law manipulative and moody. ANI

Peter Andre, Jordans divorce finalised
Aussie singer Peter Andre was seen beaming as his marriage to former glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan came to an official end. ANI

Peter Andre puts the record straight regarding relationship with manager
Aussie singer Peter Andre has hit back at ex-wife Katie Price a.k.a. Jordans claims of him having an affair with his manager. ANI

Jordan does a Di, says there were three people in their marriage
It looks like Katie Price a.k.a Jordan is on an accusation spree against Peter Andre - the stunner has now claimed that she felt like the singer was married to two women during their relationship. ANI

Andre plans to celebrate divorce with kids
Aussie singer Peter Andre has revealed that he plans on celebrating his divorce from Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan by going for a meal and a movie with the kids. ANI

Jordan accuses ex-hubby Pete Andre of bedding his agent
Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has accused ex-hubby Peter Andre of bedding his manager Claire Powell. ANI

Song by Peter Andre for Jordan: You Aint Worth S**t
Peter Andre has taken a pop at his ex-wife Katie Price a.k.a Jordan by penning a new song. ANI

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