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Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

About Kate Moss and Jamie Hince relationship

Kate Moss is married to Jamie Hince.

Celebrity women Kate Moss and Singer Jamie Hince are seen moving close for a while.

Kate Moss started dating popstar Jamie Hince in 2007 but have split atleast three times in one year. Jamie however has pledged to patch up his broken relationship with Kate Moss and give in to the supermodel's plea to have a baby. In December 07, she is photoshot sunbathing with a mysterious new man.

Katie is spotted with a scratched cheek after a row with Jamie over Christmas decorations in December 08. The duo took a Thailand break in early January 09 where she made a boob flash. The luxurious eight-day holiday is believed to have costed her 100,000 pounds.

In May 2010, she said she is trying to clean up her act so that she can start trying for a baby Jamie Hince.

They married in 2011.

Kate Moss revealed that husband Jamie Hince would go mental if she dressed like a wife. Moss hasn't changed her wardrobe after getting married.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince in News

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince airlifted to airport for mystery honeymoon spot
After three days of their wedding celebration, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince were airlifted out of Cotswolds, where their wedding was held, by a helicopter for their honeymoon.

Newly-wed Moss, Hince thank villagers for cooperation with champagne
Newlyweds Kate Moss and Jamie Hince gifted champagne and thank-you notes to everyone in her village where the wedding was held for putting up with their wedding disturbances.

Kate Moss prepones wedding date
Kate Moss has reportedly preponed her wedding date to July 1 after originally planning to wed rocker Jamie Hince on July 2.

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince get engaged!
Kate Moss and Jamie Hince are reportedly engaged, and are intending to marry on July 2.

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