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Jessica Simpson & Tony Romo

About Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo relationship

Few days after taking divorce with the help of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, singer Jessica Simpson admitted to be in love with him but isn't sure if she is ready to tie the knot with him but confirmed dating him. In December 07, Terrell Owens criticized Jessica over distracting Romo from keeping his head in the game but later said it was a joke. The original remark was made when their team lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on December 16, 2007. In October 08, she said that the two are compatible in all areas. Jessica and Remo are found together cozy at the CaCee Cobbs 30th birthday bash on December 1, 07.

In May 2008, the couple decided to give their relationship another chance.

In December 08, she said she is desperate to get married in Texas and have a baby. She told her pals that she dosent want to get pregnant and then get married.

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