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Heather Mills and Paul McCartney

About Heather Mills and Paul McCartney relationship

Model Heather Mills and Musician and former 'Beatle'Paul McCartney are married. Mills is the second wife of McCartney. Their relationship however came off in six years time. In February 08, an out-of-court divorce settlement has failed possibly after she demanded 50-million dollars from McCartney's 825-million-dollar fortune, but the later was ready to pay up to 25-million dollars. She even got prepared to sue her divorce lawyer Mishcon de Reya after failing to complete the divorce deal and got prepared to recover up to 2 million pounds in unpaid bills dating back a year and a half. Mills agreed to settle for £10m divorce deal with Macca days before the case comes up for hearing at London High Court on February 12, 08 but Paul rejected by returning her calls saying 'See you in court!'. After the first day proceedings, McCartney is seen not only feeling sorry for himself but for Heather, having to go through a bitter divorce battle.

In March 08, Mills readied to challenge courts gagging order.

In October 07, Macca and Mills agreed to attend a one-day hearing to try and agree upon a financial settlement. The two decided for an early settlement keeping in view of their daughter Beatrice. The early settlement is believed to be for £50 million with both having regular access to their daughter and Sir Paul will pay all her living expenses. The London High Court Family Division hearing on October 11, 2007 ended without any conclusion because of a private clause barring Mills from discussing the marriage, and an annual income from the Beatles legend's 825 million pounds fortune. The two however are felt to be on the verge of resolving divorce battle. Mecca said divorce is like hell and that he is remaining dignified.

Mills got a preliminary divorce decree first and then granted a final divorce settlement for $48.6M. Mills said she will donate 80% of divorse settlement money for charity and that she owes one and a half million to lawyers.

In November 07, McCartney said he is applying for a full custody of daughter after watching Heather Mills's bizarre TV rant.

In September 09, for the first time since his much publicised divorce battle with Mills and McCartney has come out in the open to speak about his love-split pain. He said 'divorce is a dark place'.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney in News

Heather Mills still seething over divorce settlement
Beatles member Sir Paul McCartneys ex-wife Heather Mills is still fuming about the 33.6 million dollars divorce settlement that she received from him. ANI

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