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Guy Ritchie and Madonna

About Guy Ritchie and Madonna relationship

Film Director Guy Ritchie and Pop Singer Madonna are married in December 22, 2000 at Skibo Castle, Scotland.

Ritchie penned a code pink ticket to mean that that she is out of town and that he could go for night outs with his pals and chat up other women.

The two however have parted ways in October 2008 after eight years of married life. Ritchie has reportedly claimed that Madonna began scheduling their sex life in her diary and living such a strict routine that she had even started planning their private moments well in advance. Her prioritisation, fixation with the exercising routines and Kabbalah religion have reportedly put him off. Madonnas refusal to fund his new movie also added fuel to fire.

The public thinks that the timing of the split is a publicity stunt for her Sweet and Sticky tour.

Ritchie has reportedly told his attorneys that he does not want even one penny from Madonna's estimated 300 million pound wealth. Reports say that Ritchie can get a fortune from Madonna if they split up according to British laws since they did not signup a prenuptial agreement before their marriage. However, rumours say he might have received 18 million pounds as part of the divorce settlement.

Madonna's daughter Lourdes begged her parents not to be mean to each other while the couple decides to go their separate ways. Ritchie said he wants to have daily contact with them to add normality to their lives and not to become oddballs with Madge.

Post divorse, Ritchie is back with his camera while Madonna is seen busy with her exercising and attending her Kabbalah meetings. Friends of Madonna said she wants to wants to dig a grave to bury gifts she got from Ritchie to rid herself off his 'energy'.

Madonnas biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli says that Ritchie says no to Madonnas 20m pounds divorce offer. Madonna wants their three children to be with her in US while Ritchie wants them to be educated in England. The two are not communicating with other but only with their lawyers. Madonna has even upped the offer amount once.

At the Los Angeles gig in November 08 as part of her Sticky and Sweet tour, Madonna sang a song which she dedicated to all women whose best friends had cheated upon them by their boyfriends indirectly refering about her estranged hubby Guy Ritchie.

Reports in December 08 said the two settled their divorce payout for $92m but her longtime spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg says the deal is at approximately US$75 million dollars. However, she denied the reports.

Christmas Celebrations 2008

Ritchie and Madonna have agreed to spend christmas together for the sake of their kids. Ritchie allowed Madonna to stay at his 12 million-pound country mansion in Wiltshire, England, after having "refused" to sleep under the same roof. Ritchie reportedly told her 'not to bully the staff, throw tantrums or mention their impending divorce'. As planned, the two have celebrated Christmas as a family along with their kids. The peace deal had a positive impact. In January 09, the couple decided to extend their truce to five times a year for the sake of their children.

Guy said Thank God after being told about quickie divorce. The two though have skipped the announcement of the divorce.

In October 09, it appeared Ritchie is not too sure about his feelings for ex-wife Madonna when he termed her a retarded. During the month, the duo came together to play happy family on a night out for the sake of their children.

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