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Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

About Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova relationship

Singer Enrique Iglesias and Tennis player Ana Kornikova are dating.

In May 07, Enrique joked he is about to split with Kournikova. In June 07 he is seen moving intimately close with British model Danielle Lloyd at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York sparking speculations if he his joke on split with Kournikova is for real.

In October 07, he said he'll refuse to croon at his and Kournikovas wedding if he ever decided to marry her.

Reports in December 07 fuelled speculations that the two are engaged after Kournikova is spotted wearing a 6 million dollars rock on her ring finger.

p>In November 08, he is kicked out by Kournikova after the two had a fight over his pet dogs.

The pop star appeared convinced Kournikovas will leave him anyway and seemed to be unaffected when she remarked of never marrying him.

Reports in January 09 suggested that the two are engaged after she is being photographed with a huge rock on her wedding finger. Her appearance in loose fitted dress has sparked pregnancy rumour.

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