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Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

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Footballer Ashley Cole and TV personality Cheryl Cole have divorced after the reports of Ashley Cole's infidelity came out in public.


The marriage went into a crisis when reports of Ashley Cole's infidelity came out in public. Cheryl Cole first heard of the allegations from head of publicity of a recording company Polydor.

Cheryl Cole later revealed in her autobiography that she lashed out against Ashely Cole after the allegations.

Their relationship was in trouble waters when news came out that the Chelsea star romped with blonde hairdresser Aimee Walton. Cole said that Simon Cowell helped her deal with her marriage crisis.

In October 2009, Cheryl expressed her desire to have babies with Ashley.

Cheryl is said to have flashed her wedding ring on Twitter as an indication that her marriage to Ashley is rock solid and going strong.

In December 2009, she reportedly wanted to quit her job as X Factor judge to start a family with husband Ashley Cole.

In February 2010, Ashley, dealing with the collapse of his marriage to Cheryl Cole, is believed to be in turmoil and has talked about walking away from football. It was revelaed that Cheryl has sent a text message to Ashley telling him their marriage is over, it has emerged. Ashley has blamed mother-in-law Joan Tweedy for his marriage break-up.

Post breakup

Post the breakup episode, Cheryl is voted as Sexiest women alive in a British men's poll.

In May 2010, Cheryl launched divorce action against Ashley and has not asked for any money from him.

Revelations in autobiography

In her autobiography 'Cheryl: My Story', Cheryl Cole revealed that she went for a sexual health check following the infidelities of her ex-husband Ashley Cole. Explaining that the whole situation had been traumatic, Cheryl Cole said she was chased by the paparazzi everywhere following the reports of infidelity and even to the clinic that she went for check up. Cheryl Cole said she was given all clear by the clinic, but her emotional health has been damaged.

Cheryl Cole admitted using tranquillizers and crashed for two days on a holiday in Thailand. Though, she wanted to give her marriage another try, another woman came out revealing affair with Ashley. Cheryl revealed that she was smoking 20 cigarettes a day at that time and wanted to relax by drinking.

Ashley Cole meets Cheryl for first time after affair exposi
Ashley Cole reportedly met with wife Cheryl for the first time in the same house since news broke of the footballers extra marital affairs. ANI

Cheryl Cole may take back Ashley, says body language expert
According to a body language expert, singer Cheryl Cole wants to reunite with love rat husband/soccer star Ashley. ANI

Scared Ashley Cole resorts to smoking over Cheryls tell-all interview
Troubled Ashley Cole was recently spotted enjoying a secret fag in his sports injury clinic amid fears estranged wife Cheryl is set to tell all in a TV interview. ANI

Ashley Cole vows to win back Cheryl
Ashley Cole is hoping to patch up things with wife Cheryl - by offering to renew their wedding vows, it has emerged. ANI

Chelsea chief sends psychologist to check Cole
Amid reports over love-cheat Ashley Coles bizarre behaviour following his break up from wife Cheryl, Chelsea chief Roman Abramovich has sent a psychologist to check whether the 29-year-old England left-back was in sound mental state. ANI

Ashley Cole gives up Cheryl reconciliation hopes
Love cheat Ashley Cole has reportedly given up on hopes of reconciliation with his wife Cheryl. ANI

Cheryl Cole agrees to attend counselling sessions with husband
Cheryl Cole has reportedly agreed to attend counselling sessions with her love rat husband Ashley Cole. ANI

Ashley Cole breaks silence on split: My life is ruined
English footballer Ashley Cole is said to have finally broken his silence regarding his marriage split. ANI

Ashley Cole refuses to talk about Cheryl betrayal
English footballer Ashley Cole has refused to divulge any information related to his betraying his wife Cheryl. ANI

Its official: Cheryl Cole separating from husband Ashley
Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole is said to have announced the end of her marriage to footie ace Ashley upon her return home from Los Angeles. ANI

Ashley Cole begged to do sex rehab to save failed marriage
In a desperate bid to save his marriage, soccer star Ashley Cole offered to go into rehab to tackle his sex problems, say sources. ANI

Ashley Cole deserves to be dumped, says his dad
Ashley Coles father Ron Callender has said his son deserves to get dumped by his wife/singer Cheryl for cheating on her. ANI

Ashley Cole doesnt give a f*** about splitting with wife
Soccer star Ashley Cole is not worried about splitting with estranged wife/ singer Cheryl after the exposure of his extra-marital affairs, it has emerged. ANI

Ashley Cole blames mother-in-law for wrecked marriage
Ashley Cole is apparently blaming his mother-in-law for his wrecked marriage. ANI

Cheryl Cole struggling to forgive love rat hubby
A heartbroken Cheryl Cole has reportedly told her friend that shes struggling to forgive hubby Ashleys latest betrayal. ANI

Cheryl Cole planning next 6 months without love rat hubby
Cheryl Cole is reportedly planning to drop any association with her cheating husband Ashley for the next six months. ANI

Cheryl Cole jets to LA with different ring on wedding finger
Cheryl Cole has gone to Los Angeles amid rumours of a troubled marriage. ANI

Girls Aloud urge Cheryl Cole to ditch cheating hubby Ashley
The X Factor co-judge Cheryl Cole has been urged by her Girls Aloud team members and her mum to ditch her cheating husband Ashley Cole. ANI

Cheryl Cole vowed to save marriage shortly before hubbys text scandal
Just days before Ashley Coles alleged text sex scandal was exposed, his wife Cheryl reportedly claimed that her marriage was worth fighting for in an interview. ANI

Cheryl Cole scraps V-Day plans with hubby amid nude pics scandal
Still reeling from revelations that naked pics of her husband Ashley Cole were sent to a topless models mobile phone, Cheryl has banned Valentines Day, it has emerged. ANI

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