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Tony Blair

About Tony Blair

Tony Blair is former British Prime Minister.

Personal Biography

Cherie Blair is his wife. Tony revealed Cherie has driven him to conversion to Catholicism.

Professional Biography

Blair is considered as the highest paid speaker in the world. He charges 2.5 lakh dlrs per 90 minutes lecture and is believed to have earned 12 million pounds in one year of leaving the 10 Downing Street.

In September 2009, he said climate change fight can create millions of jobs.

As Prime Minister

British Mission in Iraq

Critics say Blair misled the nation by claiming that Britains objective was disarmament, not regime change and that concealment constrained the planning process for the military action, according to secret government reports.

Comments / Negative criticism

Other Professional Information

  • In January 2010, Tony Blair secured a 2,000-pounds-a-minute deal as a paid speaker with London-based hedge fund, Lansdowne Partners.

Tony Blair in News

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LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - April 28, 2015) - The Milken Institute Global Conference will share panel sessions via livestream today and tomorrow at Here are the panels that will streamed and the approximate start times:

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Leading Interactive Gaming Attorney Jeff Ifrah to Speak at J.P. Morgan High Yield and Leveraged Finance Conference
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Chanticleer Holdings Appoints Mark Allison as SVP Culinary and Kitchen Operations
CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - January 10, 2014) - Chanticleer Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOTR) (Chanticleer Holdings, or the "Company"), headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced today that the Company has appointed Mark Allison, international chef and educator, as SVP Culinary and Kitchen. Allison has worked around the world in culinary arts for 34 years.

Business Icon Steve Forbes and Former Press Secretary for Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, to Headline KANA Connect 2012 Annual Customer Summits
KANA Software, Inc., a global leader in customer service solutions delivered on-premise or in the cloud and used by more than 900 organizations worldwide, including half of the Global 100 and 250 government entities, today announced its dynamic speaker lineup for the company's KANA Connect 2012 annual customer summits, taking place Sept. 23-25 at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Oct

The California Women's Conference Partners With the Orange County Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure(R)
The California Women's Conference, an inspirational and life-changing event for women, has partnered with the Orange County Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to offer a limited amount of pre-sale tickets for businesses and individuals for the 2012 conference. Komen Orange County Race for the Cure, to be held on September 23, 2012, is the designated official run/walk of the conference.

California Women's Conference to Share Proceeds With Area Goodwill Organizations
The California Women's Conference, debuting this fall, and Goodwill are extending a limited invitation to businesses and individuals to purchase and/or promote presale tickets to the 2012 California Women's Conference

The Inaugural California Women's Conference Announces Exclusive Ticket Offer
The California Women's Conference, an event endorsing leading women everywhere, has announced exclusive access to pre-sale tickets available for purchase beginning on June 15, 2012. On this date tickets will be available for businesses and individuals to attend the September 23rd and 24th conference at the Long Beach Convention Center, promoting its theme, "The Women's Economy Starts Here."

The California Women's Conference Inspires With Goodwill
The California Women's Conference, debuting this fall, and the Women Goodwill, a volunteer support group for Goodwill of Orange County, is extending a limited invitation to businesses and individuals to purchase and/or promote presale tickets to the 2012 California Women's Conference

Tony Blair accepts his Government is partly responsible for economic crisis
Feels his Government has not fully understood the impact of economic integration

Tony Blair 'misses being UK prime minister'
Former British prime minister Tony Blair has said he missed being the leader of the country, and has reiterated his desire to come back to frontline politics, according to a report.

Blair says 'he would love to comeback as UK leader'
Former British prime minister Tony Blair has said that he would love a chance to return as the country's leader.

Former UK PM Blair blocked lawyer from giving advice to cabinet on Iraq war
Lawmakers in Britain have demanded an emergency recall of the Chilcot inquiry after it was revealed that former Prime Minister Tony Blair had blocked the government's most senior lawyer from explaining to cabinet the legality of the war in Iraq.

Cherie Blair attacks career-shunning yummy-mummies
Cherie Blair has criticised "yummy mummies" who give up their careers to focus on raising their children, suggesting that their kids lack a sense of independence.

Blair wants to lead European Union, but 'not at the moment'
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has suggested that he would like to be president of the European Union, according to a report.

Murdoch 'pushed all crude US Republican buttons' in trying to rush Blair into Iraq war
Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch was a part of an "over-crude" campaign by US Republicans to force former UK prime minister Tony Blair to speed up Britain's entry into the Iraq war, according to a book.

Tony Blair evades attempted citizen's arrest in Hong Kong for war crimes
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair avoided a citizen's arrest after a protestor in Hong Kong tried to apprehend him for war crimes.

Sir John Major slams 'undignified' way Cameron, Blair courted Murdoch
Former British Prime Minister Sir John Major has slammed the way UK leaders such as David Cameron and Tony Blair have courted media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, calling it "undignified".

Tony Blair defends 'working relationship' with Rupert Murdoch
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has defended his friendship with media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, saying they had 'a working relationship' until he left office.

Tony Blair claims UK media waged 'personal vendetta' against Cherie
Former British prime minister Tony Blair has said that some journalists waged a 'personal vendetta' against his wife Cherie Blair, who took or considered legal action over media reports over 30 times in five years.

Blair, Gordon may have grown 'closer than was wise' to Murdoch: Ex-UK minister
Former British leaders Tony Blair and Gordon Brown may have grown 'closer than was wise' to media tycoon Rupert Murdoch, a former UK minister has acknowledged.

Blair's ex-press chief denies 'express deal' to win Murdoch empire's support for 1997 election
Former British prime minister Tony Blair's former director of communications, Alastair Campbell, has denied there was ever any 'express deal' with media tycoon Rupert Murdoch to win support from his papers before the 1997 general election.

Now, hackers target UK's Leveson Inquiry, Information Commissioner Office websites
A group linked with the notorious Internet hacking collective Anonymous has attacked the websites of the UK's Leveson Inquiry and the Information Commissioner.

Business associate of Ashley Cole and Jay-Z charged with 8 others over killing teenage boy
A high-profile business associate, who has brokered a multi-million pound deal between England footballer Ashley Cole and U.S. rap star Jay-Z, has been held guilty with eight other men for stabbing a teenager to death.

Future Competency Launch Event - Renowned International Serial Entrepreneurs Jeff & Kane – Founders of Industry Rockstar System - in India
Future Competency, a skill sharing organization, post its recent launch with an objective to provide cutting edge training & knowledge to Indian entrepreneurs and the leading business community, has started the countdown to the New Year with 2012's most anticipated event, in five major cities of India

BBC already filming 58-year-old Tony Blair's obituary!
BBC bosses have already started filming Tony Blair's obituary, even though the former British prime minister is just 58.

Amanda Knox inks multi-million deal with Blair and Obama's book agent
Amanda Knox, who along with her boyfriend has been cleared by the Italian court in the killing of her British roommate, has signed a multi-million deal with a literary agent, whose client list comprise Barack Obama, Tony Blair, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Sarah Palin.

Blair tried to get Saif Gaddafi place at Oxford before LSE gave him dubious PhD
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's government had tried to pressurise Oxford University into giving Saif Gaddafi admission, but he was refused because he did not meet the requisite qualifications.

Cherie Blair's pregnancy 'possibly revealed by phone hacking': Alastair Campbell
Alastair Campbell, once a strategist for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, has launched a sweeping attack on Britain's newspapers, claiming that a story about Cherie Blair's pregnancy was 'possibly' obtained by phone hacking.

Saif Gaddafi's Libyan trial may reveal "embarrassing" secrets about links with Blair, Prince Andrew
The trial of Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif-al-Islam, in Libya could reportedly embarrass some of the influential British figures, including Duke of York, Prince Andrew and the country's former Prime Minister Tony Blair if he reveals details of the close links he enjoyed with them.

Malaysia plans 'war crime' trials of Bush, Blair over Iraq War action
Former US President George W. Bush and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair will be "charged" at a mock tribunal in Malaysia for committing crimes against peace during the Iraq war.

Iraq Inquiry report delayed over secrecy concerns by six months
The United Kingdom's Iraq Inquiry report, which aims at probing the role of the country in the war, will be delayed by at least six months over secrecy concerns triggered in a run-up to the war after 2003.

Gaddafi ditched Blair by keeping chemical weapons 'hidden from world' in Libya
Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi broke his promise to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair by keeping chemical weapons hidden from the rest of the world.

Prince of Wales praised Gaddafi in 2007 letter
The Prince of Wales tried to maintain a good relationship between Britain and Libya, and also praised its former dictator Muammar Gaddafi in a letter to him in 2007.

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