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Omar Suleiman

Omar Suleiman is an Egyptian politician and military figure who was appointed Vice President of Egypt on January 29, 2011.

Omar Suleiman in News

Mubarak's aide and former Egyptian Vice-President Omar Suleiman dies in US
Suleiman died while undergoing a medical check-up in a Cleveland hospital

Defeated presidential candidate Shafiq 'leaves Egypt for UAE'
Ahmed Shafiq, who lost out to Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammed Morsi in Egypt's presidential elections, has left the country shortly after law suits were filed against him, claiming he had been involved in corruption.

Thirteen candidates to contest first Egyptian presidential election
Thirteen candidates are contesting the first Egyptian presidential election after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak last year.

'Barred' Egyptian presidential candidate says military rulers have no intention of ceding power
The Muslim Brotherhood's disqualified presidential candidate, Khairat el-Shater, has said Egypt's ruling military council has no intention of ceding real power to civilians.

Egypt court upholds ban on presidential candidates
Ten Egyptian presidential candidates, who were barred from taking part in the upcoming elections, have lost their appeals against disqualification.

'Barred' Egyptian candidates start appeals against exclusion from presidential race
Three popular Egyptian presidential candidates, who were barred from taking part in the upcoming elections, have started appealing against their exclusions from the race.

3 frontrunners among 10 Egyptian presidential hopefuls barred from elections
Egypt's election commission has reportedly disqualified ten presidential hopefuls, including the country's ex-spy chief Omar Suleiman and Muslim Brotherhood's candidate Khairat al-Shater.

Egypt's Islamist candidate warns ex-spy chief Suleiman will be 'new Mubarak' if elected
Egypt's most influential political force, the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate has warned that the country may be ruled by a 'new Mubarak' if the ousted leader's former vice president Omar Suleiman wins the upcoming presidential elections.

Ex-Egyptian spy chief Suleiman says he 'won't reinvent Mubarak regime'
Former Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman has said that he would not attempt to 'reinvent' the old regime of Hosni Mubarak if he is elected president of the country.

Egypt military, state media backing ex-spy chief Suleiman for president
Egypt's former intelligence chief Omar Suleiman will have the backing of the country's ruling military generals and the state media's powerful propaganda machine, in his bid to become the President of the nation, officials with firsthand knowledge have claimed.

Egypt's ex-spy chief aims to run for president
Egypt's former spy chief Omar Suleiman has announced that he intends to be a candidate in the country's presidential elections next month.

Ex-spy chief Suleiman quits race for Egyptian presidency
Former spy chief and vice president of Egypt Omar Suleiman has quit the race for presidential elections, ending weeks of speculation.

Forty New Orlinian Christian, Muslim and Jewish Clergy Engage Over Each Other's Texts and the Challenges They Present
More than 40 New Orleans Muslim, Jewish and Christian clergy from a spectrum of denominations and movements joined the convention of the world's Reform rabbis to engage in a dialogue on potentially divisive texts, utilizing them as an avenue for exploring wider issues.

Canadian Prime Minister Denounced by One Million Workers for Shameful Support of Egypt's Mubarak Regime
Today, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak resigned amid a massive popular uprising for democratic reform and equal rights, making pressure from the international community for meaningful democratic reform more vital than ever

Mubarak quits as Egypt president, hands over power to military council
Hosni Mubarak has resigned as the president of Egypt and handed power to the country's key military council, leadint to widespread celebrations in the streets of the country on Friday.

Military caught between Mubarak, pro-democracy protesters
Though the Egyptian military has managed the crisis in the country for the past 17 days, it still appears that it is caught between remaining loyal to one of its own-President Hosni Mubarak-and or deciding to make that crossover, and go with the wishes of pro-democracy protesters.

Egypt crisis: Experts say US will have to put everything on the line now
With cornered Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak playing a seemingly cat and mouse game with the Western powers, including the United States, rights activists and experts on Middle East affairs have said that Washington may just have to abandon a key ally and put everything it has on the line to ensure an orderly transition to a more democratic form of administration in Cairo.

WikiLeaks: Suleiman told Israel he would 'cleanse' Sinai of arms runners to Gaza
Egyptian Vice-President Omar Suleiman told the Israelis he wanted to start "cleansing the Sinai" of Palestinian arms smugglers.

US steps up pressure on Cairo to end pro-democracy protests
The Obama administration has stepped up its criticism of Egypt's leadership after pro-democracy protests entered the 16th consecutive day on Wednesday against the 30-year-long rule of President Hosni Mubarak.

US going slow on Egypt under pressure of Mid-East allies
Key allies of the United States such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates have reportedly advised the Obama administration not to act hastily against the Mubarak regime in Egypt.

US backing Mubarak's "consigliere" Suleiman in Egypt transition moves
The Obama administration appears to be backing Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman, and expects him to play a pivotal role in a still uncertain transition process in that country.

Suleiman has long been Israel's preferred choice to replace Mubarak as President: Wikileaks
The latest releases of secret US diplomatic cables by Wikileaks have claimed that Egypt's new Vice President, Omar Suleiman, has long been Israel's preferred candidate to replace President Hosni Mubarak, and spoke daily to the Tel Aviv government via a secret "hotline" to Cairo.

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