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Jayadev Galla

Jayadev Galla is an Entrepreneur and Politician belonging to Telugu Desam Party. He is the vice-president and managing director of Amara Raja Group. Jayadev is the son of former minister Galla Aruna Kumari. His family has assets of over Rs 683 crore.


Galla Jayadev has studied in the United States.


Jayadev Galla and his mother Galla Aruna Kumari have joined Telugu Desam Party in 2014. Jayadev is the TDP nominee to contest Guntur Lok Sabha constituency. His mother Aruna Kumari was a Congress politician and served as a minister. Jayadev is known to be close to his brother-in-law Mahesh Babu who is a film actor, who sent a tweet supporting Jayadev.

If elected, Jayadev will become the richest MP from Andhra Pradesh.


According to the affidavit filed while filing his nomination to contest 2014 elections, Jayadev has declared the following.

  • Movabale assets - Rs 541.64 crores
  • Immovable assets - Rs 79.24 crore
  • Annual income - Rs 16.3 crore
  • Wife Padmavathi Galla's liquid assets - Rs 45 crore
  • Wife's immovable assets - Rs 6.76 crore
  • Wife's annual income - Rs 54.62 lakh
  • Movable assets of his two sons - Rs 5 crore

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