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Imran Masood

Imran Masood is a politician belonging to Indian National Congress. He is a Lok Sabha candidate for the 2014 elections from Saharanpur.


Imran Masood began his political career as an understudy to his uncle former Congress Rajya Sabha MP Rashid Masood. Over the decade, Imran distanced himself from his uncle who started projecting his son Shazan Masood. Imran has built a political following for himself but lacked stability. He has switched between Congress and Samajwadi Party thrice after 2010.

In 2007, Imran Masood was elected to the Assembly as an Independent candidate. In 2012, he contested to Nakur assembly as a Congress candidate and lost to his BJP rival.

2014 elections

Imran Masood has allegedly threatened to chop BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi if he treats Muslism the same way he did in Gujarat. Masood allegedly made the hate speech at an election rally. A video showing Masood screaming has landed him in trouble with police booking him for the hate speech. Congres party has distanced itself from the controversy saying they won't approve such derogatory words to be used, while BJP said that the hate speech shows the desperation of Congress to stoop down to such low levels out of fear of losing.

On 29 March 2014, Masood was arrested from his residence at 4 am.

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