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Hugo Chavez

About Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez is the Venezuelan President. He has been the president of Venezuela for over 14 years.

Processional Career

Hugo Chavez has been in power since 1999 was re-elected in 2012 after spending over 14 years as President of Venezuela.

2012 Re-election

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has won re-election for another six-year term on 7 October 2012 against his toughest rival in nearly 14 years in office. This is his third re-election victory. After 90 percent of the votes were tallied, Chavez received 54 percent to 45 percent for his opponent Henrique Capriles Radonski. Chavez supporters have celebrated on the streets in Caracas after the news. The turnout in the elections is one of the largest in years.

Shortly after 11:30 pm, Chavez stepped out onto the balcony of the presidential palace to greet his supporters. Addressing the people, he said "My words of recognition go out from here to all who voted against us, a recognition for their democratic temperment."

After he finished his speech, Chavez wiped off the sweat on his face with a bright red handkerchief and waved the national flag.

Chavez received 55% of the vote against 44% for Henrique Capriles.

After his re-election on Sunday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has named Nicolas Maduro as the new vice-president on 10 October 2012. Maduro is the current Foreign Minister and a close advisor to President Chavez.

Chavez will be sworn in in January for his fourth term which term ends 2019 and if he completes it successfully, he will have been in power for two full decades.

Personal Biography

In September 2009, Singer Courtney Love reportedly has the hots for Venezuelan President Chavez.

Battle with Cancer

Hugo Chavez is currently battling with cancer. Despite the concerns for his health, Chavez is still going about his business. In 2011 - 2012, Hugo Chavez has undergone several rounds of treatment for cancer. He never revealed the details of his illness to the public.

Hugo Chavez has returned to Cuba on December 9, 2012 for another operation after doctors found that his Cancer surfaced again. He announced his successor asking his supporters to vote for Vice President Nicolas Maduro if a new election had to be held.

Chavez was resting in a Cuban hospital on 11 Dec 2012 after undergoing a complex surgery to deal with the recurring cancer. Vice President Nicolas Maduro has announced in a televised speech that the operation was successful and it may take several days to recover. In an emotional speech, Maduro said, "You have to come back, and we'll be waiting for you - us your children. We've sworn to be loyal to you beyond this life. If we had other lives to live we would still be loyal and we would be your soldiers forever."

Hugo Chavez in News

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Sean Penn visits Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez
Sean Penn meets Chavez at an election rally in Valencia

Venezuelan candidate Capriles to challenge Chavez in prez polls
Venezuelan politician Henrique Capriles has registered himself as presidential candidate for a coalition of more than 30 opposition parties in polls due in October.

Cancer-hit Venezuelan Prez Chavez says 'everything fine' after tests
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said that all was well after undergoing tests following his cancer treatment. havez said the tests included imaging tests, which are used to check for the reappearance of tumors.

'Terminally ill' Chavez taking '100 times stronger opiate than morphine' to fight cancer
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is taking an opiate '100 times stronger than morphine' to get relief from cancer, which has entered the last stage.

Venezuela's Chavez absent from first international meeting after returning home
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday was not been seen at the meeting of the Union of South American Nations (unasur)'s energy commission, the first international meeting held after he returned home after his latest cancer treatment in Cuba a week ago.

Chavez to return soon to Venezuela after more cancer treatment
President Hugo Chavez says he will soon return to Venezuela after undergoing more cancer treatment in Cuba to campaign for a third term in office.

'Cancer-hit' Chavez dismisses 'deteriorating health' rumours
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has dismissed rumours that his health took a turn for the worse, and added that he is planning to return home by Thursday after his latest round of cancer treatment in Cuba.

Cancer hit Venezuelan President Chavez flying to Cuba for radiation therapy
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he is flying to Cuba to begin radiation therapy on Sunday, a month after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

Cancer-hit-Venezuelan President Chavez flying to Cuba for radiation therapy
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he is flying to Cuba to begin radiation therapy on Sunday, a month after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

Venezuelan President Chavez reveals recently removed tumor was cancerous
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has revealed that a new tumor that was recently removed from his pelvic region was cancerous like the baseball-sized growth extracted from his body about seven months ago.

Chavez's daughter goads fury, poses with dollars
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's teenage daughter Rosines Chavez has caused controversy after posing with dollar notes and posting pictures on Instagram, a free photo-sharing application for iPhone.

Doctors say cancer-stricken Chavez has 'less than one year to live'
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, who suffered from cancer, has been told by doctors that he has less than a year to live.

US rejects Chavez's remark blaming country for cancer- stricken Latin America leaders
The US has slammed Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's comments in which he had said the former may be responsible for cancers affecting Latin American leaders.

Chavez says US could have developed technology to give Latin America leaders cancer
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has hinted that the United States may be behind a "very strange" bout of cancer affecting him and various South American leaders.

Argentina President Fernandez to have surgery for thyroid cancer
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Chavez calls Obama 'clown, embarrassment' for criticizing Venezuela's ties with Iran, Cuba
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has called Barack Obama a "clown" and an "embarrassment" who has turned the United States into a "disaster" in response to his sharp criticisms of Venezuela's ties to Iran and Cuba

Cancer stricken Chavez 'may only have a few months to live': Ex US envoy
A top US ambassador to Venezuela has claimed that cancer-stricken country's President Hugo Chavez may not live beyond six months, and that the disease might claim his life before the next presidential elections.

Venezuelan terrorist 'Carlos the Jackal' to face trial over 1980s Paris bombings
Venezuelan terrorist, Ilich Ram¡rez S nchez, better known as Carlos the Jackal, will stand trial in Paris for terrorist bombings in France in 1982 and 1983 that killed 11 people and injured over 100.

Chavez declares he is 'free of cancer'
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, has declared that he is free of cancer, four months after successful surgery to remove a tumour.

Chavez has less than two years to live: Former doctor
Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, who is undergoing cancer treatment, has less than two years to live.

Sean Penn pushed Hugo Chavez to help free US hikers from Iran
US actor Sean Penn flew to Venezuela to encourage President Hugo Chavez to talk to Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about freeing the two Americans who were held in Iran's notorious Evin Prison on charges of espionage.

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