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Barack Obama as US President

Barack Obama as US President

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About Barack Obama as US President

Barack Obama won the 2008/09 US Presidential Elections to become the 44th President of USA (the first African American President). He took oath and assumed office at the Obama Inauguration on January 20, 2009. He won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

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Being the first black president, Obama is considered the biggest ever assassination target in American history and needless to say CIA chiefs have been making Washington the most secure location. Oval Office said Obama wont makeover the interiors of his office.

In June 09, actor John Voight blasted Obama calling him a 'false prophet' and insisted that the President's administration had thus far been a failure.

US Economic Reforms

In December 08, he asked the Top 3 Automobile CEOs to agree to drastic reforms or be sacked.

Middle East developments

Obama monitored the latest Israel-Hamas conflict from Hawaii. His advisor said Obama is seeing Mideast as a major agenda and that he is committed to peace in the region.

On Iraq War

In February 09, Obama told Congress leaders that he will transition Iraq mission into a training, advising and engaging in limited counter-terrorist operations. The combat missions is expected to end in August 2010. On March 2, 2009, the Obama administration has released nine previously secret internal Justice Department memos and opinions defining the legal limits of government power in combating terrorism during the Bush administration.

Relations with Russia

In March 09, reports are out that Obama wrote a secret quid pro quo letter to Russian President Dmitri A. Medvedev three weeks earlier that said he would back off deploying a new missile defense system in Eastern Europe if Moscow would help stop Iran from developing long-range weapons.

Notre Dame University protests

On May 17, 2009, 19 supporters are arrested at the Notre Dame University in South Bend, Ind., as they protested against President Obama's scheduled commencement speech. The protestors are charged for trespassing the campus as they are not students of the University. The protestors object the school's decision to invite Obama given his stands on abortion and embryonic stem-cell research. President Obama will be giving his commencement address at the University. By the end of the day, the number of supporters who tried to stop the President's presence at the University rose to 40. As many as 39 are arrested on trespassing charges.

Reaction to 2009 North Korean rocket launch

Obama reacted sharply at the April 2009 North Korea rocket launch and called for punshing North Korea at the act. Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak met on June 16, 2009 at Washington and gave a summit-level affirmation that they are united front against North Korea after the later performed nuclear test and subsequent developments.

Other policies

Obama has overturned militarys Dont Ask, Dont Tell policy on gays allowing them to serve openly in the military. In March 09, reports are out that Obama will order a new system of competitative contracting that would help save tax savers money.

On May 19, 2009, he released the first US regulation of auto emissions in a bid to reduce climate-warming greenhouse gasses and lower dependence on foreign oil.

Obama in Cairo - June 2009

Obama will delivery his speech at the Conference Hall of Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt on June 4, 2009. His speech gains importance as it is considered as Obama's address to the Muslim world. With this visit, Obama will be the second U.S. president to deliver a speech in Cairo University after Theodore Roosevelt in 1910.

Obama in Russia - July 2009

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Obama in Vatican - July 2009

Obama met Pope Benedict XVI for the first time after completing his G8 meeting at quake hit Italian town of L'Aquila.

Obama in Ghana - July 2009

Barack Obama is visiting to Ghana in July 2009 in his first tour to Africa since his taking office as US President.

Obama in August 2009

In August 09, Obama and first lady expressed condoled the death of Edward Kennedy, former Massachusetts Senator.

Obama in November 2009

Obama will welcome Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh to the White House on November 22, 2009 on the later's official visit to the US.

Obama in September 2010

Small Business Jobs Act

On September 16, 2010, the United States Senate has approved the Obama administration's aid package for small business, by a final vote of 61-38.

View on Marriage

President Barack Obama has offered advice to single men of America asking them to seek out a woman with good genes and then marry her. He said that he married his wife Michelle Obama to improve his gene pool. "See for you men out there who are not yet married, let me explain. The whole goal is to marry up-to try to improve your gene pool," he said.

In May 2012, Barack Obama voiced his opinion on same-sex marriage and said that he supports it. His support to same-sex marriage has helped his re-election team collect a million dollars within the first 90 minutes of announcing his support. Donations mostly came in from Obama's Hollywood friends and gay supporters. Many Hollywood stars praised Obama for his support to same-sex marriage including celebrities like Ellen De Generes. Hollywood actor George Clooney will host a fundraiser for Hollywood stars on May 14 in New York.

Criticism on President Obama

Other information

Barack Obama as US President in News

VisualMED Sees Major Growth of Its Partnerships and Business Lines After U.S. Election
VisualMED Clinical Solutions Corp. (The "Company") (PINKSHEETS: VMCS) (FRANKFURT: VA6) announces that following President Obama's re-election and a Democrat controlled Senate blocking attempts to roll back healthcare reform, the Company expects to see major growth in the sales and deployments of its business lines

Statement by Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway on Last Night's Election Results
Generation Opportunity President Paul T. Conway, former Chief of Staff of the United States Department of Labor under Secretary Elaine L. Chao, has issued the following statement:

Global Clean Energy, Inc. Is Excited to Work With the Obama Administration to Achieve Energy Independence Through the Development of Renewable Energy
Global Clean Energy, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GCEI) is a waste-to-energy conversion solutions company, focusing on using available and developing technologies to convert waste into commercially viable energy, a process the company refers to as Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy (R.E.S.C.U.E.).

Second Term for Obama Means Four More Years of "Anomalies" for Small Businesses
The following is a statement by American Small Business League President Lloyd Chapman:

Obama Stays in the White House, but How Will the Markets React?
Barack Obama has been re-elected as the US President for a second term after a closely fought evening at the polls, narrowly pushing out Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

PropThink: 2013 Forecasts For AMED Falling; Obama Victory Keeps Pressure On
By David MoskowitzQuarterly results for Amedisys Inc. (NASDAQ:AMED) were exceptionally poor as we reported on Tuesday (here), and the follow through from analysts Wednesday morning is highly negative. Equity research reports that have been published thus far on the third quarter results, including those from Bullish analysts, all feature lower revenue and earnings expectations for 2013

GOTV Effort Aimed at Over 4 Million Young Adults Nationwide
Generation Opportunity continued its national social media and grassroots Get Out The Vote (GOTV) reminder efforts to its over 4 million young adult followers by encouraging them to GO vote. According to the 2011 Pew Internet and American Life Project, Facebook users are 43% more likely to vote, 2

Lloyd Chapman: Romney Will Never Mention Two of President Obama's Biggest Broken Campaign Promises
The following is a statement by American Small Business League President Lloyd Chapman:

Lloyd Chapman: Does Obama Want to Close the Small Business Administration to Cut the Deficit or to Destroy the Crime Scene?
The following is a statement by American Small Business League President Lloyd Chapman:

Nationwide High School Students Choose Obama for 2012 Presidential Election
High school students across the country took to the polls this month and chose President Barack Obama to serve another term as President of the United States in a nationwide mock election.

Poll: Michigan Young Adults Worry About Losing Jobs to China, Support Lowering Taxes to Encourage Hiring
Generation Opportunity, with over 4 million fans on Facebook and direct grassroots engagement with over a quarter million young Americans, today released additional results from their comprehensive Michigan-specific survey of young adults ages 18-29. The poll found that 73% of Millennials in Michigan are concerned that so many American jobs are going to foreign competitors like China

For Florida's Independent Young Adults, Top Presidential Campaign Issue Is Jobs
Generation Opportunity today released data specifically on Independent voters from their comprehensive Florida-specific survey of young adults ages 18-29

Stung by High Gas Prices, Ohio Young Adults Favor Increased Production of Coal, Gas and Oil
Generation Opportunity today released additional results from their comprehensive Ohio-specific survey of young adults ages 18-29. The poll found that 61% of Ohio Millennials would increase production of domestic American energy sources like oil, natural gas, and coal if given the opportunity to set America's fiscal priorities

As Presidential Election Nears, Unemployment High at 12.0 Percent for Young Americans
Generation Opportunity, the largest non-profit, non-partisan organization in the United States engaging and mobilizing young Americans on the important economic issues facing the nation, announced non-seasonally adjusted (NSA) 18-29 youth unemployment rate data for October 2012 as the Presidential election nears:

Successful First U.S.-China Clean Truck and Bus Summit Links Companies, Agencies From Both Nations
This week more than 120 attendees from leading U.S. and Chinese clean truck and bus technology companies, together with representatives from key agencies of both governments, took part in the first U.S.-China Clean Truck and Bus Summit here to help link U.S. firms with Chinese partners and increase exports.

Obama Proposes to Close the Small Business Administration as Predicted, According to the American Small Business League
The following is a statement by the American Small Business League:

US and UK GDP Data Examined
The US followed suit on Friday and posted a 2% rise in GDP, compared to the UK's 1%.

Trustworthiness of Obama and Romney Below Voter Expectations
As the 2012 Presidential Campaign nears its conclusion, the first Presidential TrustPulse™ survey to rate the trustworthiness of President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney reveals a significant gap between voter expectations and the level of trust that both candidates have earned. The survey, conducted by The Values Institute at DGWB (http://www.thevaluesinstitute

ON24 Platform Powers Veterans Virtual Job Fair
ON24, Inc., the global leader in webcasting and virtual event solutions, today announced a partnership with Veteran Recruiting Services, the market leader for virtual career fairs for the military community, to host the first ever virtual career fair for veterans with service-related disabilities.

TiVo Reports: Obama "Battleship" Comment Most-Watched Moment During the Final Presidential Debate
TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc. (TRA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of TiVo Inc. (NASDAQ: TIVO), today announced the most-watched moment during the final Presidential debate between President Barrack Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney

'CIA chief Petraeus nearly quit over Obama's decision to reduce troops in Afghanistan'
The Central Intelligence Agency chief, General David Petraeus had decided to resign over US President Barack Obama's decision to reduce troops in Afghanistan, a new biography has suggested.

Romney ahead of Obama by 6 points in new survey
Front-runner among Republican candidates Mitt Romney has overtaken President Obama in a new national poll shows that the GOP favorite could reach the White House.

Cautious Hispanic voters still support Obama
US President Barack Obama still holds a big lead among Hispanic voters when compared with possible Republican candidates despite his administration's stepped-up deportation policies being severely criticized as well as opposed.

Russia blasts US for human rights abuses
Russia has criticized the United States for its human rights abuses, in its first-ever report on injustice in other countries.

Romney rebounds as favourite to win GOP presidential nomination
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has re-established himself as the favourite contender to win the Republican presidential nomination, with aides claiming his victory is now inevitable as former House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich's polling numbers have plunged.

US pushing for Saleh's assurance on Yemen deal
To accelerate a government transition in Sana, the Obama administration is trying to influence Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's decision to come to the US for medical treatment.

Obama, Hillary most admired among Americans: Poll
More Americans admire President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton than any other figures, according to a survey.

Duchess Kate's Midas touch helps clothing chain double profits
The Duchess of Cambridge has sent the profits for a high street fashion chain soaring by giving royal approval to the brand's dresses.

Economists pick Romney as best Republican choice to manage economy
President Barack Obama doesn't get support for his economic policies in a new survey of economists, and two thirds said they would pick Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential candidate who would do the best job managing the economy.

Judicial Watch Announces Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2011
Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2011 list of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians." The list, in alphabetical order, includes: Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-AL); Former Senator John Ensign (R-NV); Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL); Attorney General Eric Holder; Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr

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