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2014 Barack Obama's tour of Asia

President Barack Obama left on a tour of Asia on April 22, 2014. He will visit Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Philippines on the tour. The tour will conclude on April 29, 2014. The tour comes nearly seven months after he cancelled a tour of the region due to government shutdown.


  • 23 April: Arrives Tokyo (evening) for dinner with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe
  • 24 April: In Tokyo; talks and joint press conference with Abe, state dinner
  • 25 April: Flies Tokyo-Seoul; talks and press conference with South Korean President Park Geun-hye
  • 26 April: Visit to military base; flies to Kuala Lumpur and state dinner
  • 27 April: Talks with Malaysian PM Najib Razak, press conference
  • 28 April: Flies to Manila, talks with Philippine President Benigno Aquino
  • 29 April: Ends visit to Philippines, returns to

April 23

Barack Obama left for tour of Asia on 23 April 2014. The tour is aimed at reassuring American allies of his commitment to the region. The US president will focus on close economic ties and regional security. The topic of China's increasing powerful presence in Asia is likely to come up in talks.

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