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Rosie Coker

Rosie Coker is a production assistant. She is well known as the girlfriend of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

Rosie Coker in News

Daniel Radcliffe turns poet for girlfriend
Daniel Radcliffe has taken to writing sonnets for his girlfriend Rosie Coker.

Daniel Radcliffe says having girlfriend put end to 'gay rumours'
Daniel Radcliffe says his relationship with girlfriend Rosie Coker changed his reputation by putting to rest rumours that he's gay.

Daniel Radcliffe finds Googling his name hilarious
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he and his girlfriend Rosie Coker spend time Googling their own names as they find the results hilarious.

Daniel Radcliffe gets marriage proposal from fan on TV Show
Daniel Radcliffe had to go through an awkward moment during a TV interview in Los Angeles when a fan got down on one knee and asked him to marry her.

Daniel Radcliffe finds dating multiple girls 'too much hassle'
Daniel Radcliffe is happy having just one woman in his life as he says that dating a number of girls at the same time is "so much hassle".

Daniel Radcliffe hopes for 'small army' of kids
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed his plans of a big family in the hope that at least one of his kids will turn out to be good.

Daniel Radcliffe says girlfriend Rosie Coker is 'far too good' for him
Daniel Radcliffe has confessed that his production assistant girlfriend, Rosie Coker, is "far too good" for him, as she is "incredibly tolerant" of his busy personality.

Daniel Radcliffe banned from trimming pubic hair for Jew role
Daniel Radcliffe has been forbidden from trimming his pubic hair by the director of his next film as he has to get nude in it.

Daniel Radcliffe thinks he would be 'mad' to get engaged
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he won't be getting married to girlfriend Rosie Coker anytime soon.

Daniel Radcliffe is gaga over now single Katy Perry
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he has a major crush on Katy Perry, who has broken up with hubby Russell Brand.

Daniel Radcliffe obsessed with fantasy football
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that over the recent months, he has become completely addicted to fantasy football.

Daniel Radcliffe 'hated dating' and was 'crap at it'
Daniel Radcliffe admitted that he is quite bad at romance and didn't know what to do when he started dating his current girlfriend.

Radcliffe gets 2-year ultimatum from girlfriend to get 'domestic'
Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that his girlfriend, Rosie Coker has given him a two-year deadline to get house-trained.

Daniel Radcliffe waited for 'Harry Potter' to end to begin dating girlfriend
Daniel Radcliffe was forced to wait until he finished filming the last 'Harry Potter' film to date girlfriend Rosie Coker, all for the sake of being professional, it has been revealed.

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