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Raffaello Follieri

About Raffaello Follieri

Raffaello is the former boyfriend of Anne Hathaway.

Personal Biography

Raffaello Follieri was arrested on fraud charges for falsely claiming he was hooked up with the Vatican. He has agreed to be oweing more than $3.6 million to his scam victims.

Raffaello Follieri in News

Anne Hathaway 'severed all ties' from conman ex after arrest
Anne Hathaway refused to speak to her conman ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri after his 2008 arrest, ignoring his desperate attempts to contact her from prison.

Anne Hathaway 'talked marriage' with convicted ex-boyfriend
Anne Hathaway's disgraced conman ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri, has opened up about the couple's romance, revealing he and the actress had talked about getting married.

Anne Hathaway's ex kicked out of US
Anne Hathaway's ex-boyfriend Raffaello Follieri, who was serving sentence for swindling millions of American dollars from investors in a church buying scheme has been deported from the United States of America.

Anne Hathaway gets engaged!
Anne Hathaway has announced she is engaged to actor and jewellery designer boyfriend Adam Shulman.

Anne Hathaway finds life 'f***ed up and painful'
Anne Hathaway believes that life can be 'f***ed up and painful' without any apparent reason.

Anne Hathaway's beau Adam 'foiled her plans to stay single'
Actress Anne Hathaway has revealed that her current boyfriend ruined her plans to enjoy the single life.

TomKat to snub Oscars?
Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may not attend next month's Oscars ceremony - because they are apparently disappointed with the host, Anne Hathaway.

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