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Mohammed Momin Khawaja

About Mohammed Momin Khawaja

Mohammed Momin Khawaja is the first person to be sentenced under Canada's anti-terrorism laws. Khawaja is sentenced for his role in 2004 British bomb conspiracy to 10.5 years.

Khawaja is the child of Pakistani immigrants. Mahboob, his father, is an academician. Police who studied his emails said that Khawaja felt he was born to be a terrorist. Khawaja began to make friends with extremist groups using the Internet. In 2003, he joined a British Muslim group and underwent training to fire Kalashnikov rifles and rocket-propelled grenades. He returned back to Canada from where he funded his British friends apart from working on building a detonator at his home. The Scotland Yard captured information about his bomb plot while Mounties raided his Canadian home though there is no specific information that Khawaja is intending to kill any specific Britishers.

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