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Mehrajuddin Dand

Mehrajuddin Dand is a top militant and is a suspect in the 1999 hijacking of IC-814. He was operating in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India since 1993. Dand was arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police on September 2012.

Dand was a member of United Jihad Council, a group of several militant outfits. He has worked for several militant organizations including Islamic Front, Muslim Mujahiddin, Hizhul Mujahiddin and others. He is also known as Javed.

Mehrajuddin is one of the five terrorists along with Salahuddin who crossed over into PoK in 1987 to get arms training.

He is allegedly involved in the 1996 Lajpat Nagar blasts in Delhi.

IC-814 Hijacking

Mehrajuddin Dand is allegedly involved in the hijacking of the Indian aircraft IC-814 to Kandahar from Nepal. Dand is alleged to have provided logistic support for the hijacking.

The IC-814 airflight, which has mainly Indian passengers had taken off from Nepal to Delhi on December 24, 1999. When the flight entered the Indian airspace, the militants hijacked it to Kandahar in Afghanistan. One passenger, Rupin Katyal, was killed in the hijacking incident by the militants. The hijacking end when the Indian government released three terrorists including Maulana Masood Azhar and Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh.

Earlier to the hijack, Mehrajuddin worked several years for Arshad Cheema, a Pakistani diplomat based in Kathmandu, who is also an accused in the Kandahar hijacking.


The Jammu and Kashmir police announced on September 13, 2012 that Mehrajuddin Dand was arrested in Kishtwar district. During interrogation, he has revealed his links to Syed Salahuddin and Dawood Ibrahim.

The NIA officials are expected to question Mehrajuddin soon.

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