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Kyle Sandilands

About Kyle Sandilands

Kyle Sandilands (born 10 June 1971) is an Australian radio host, best known for hosting, with Jackie O, Australia's only interactive chart show. Tamara Jaber is his wife. In July 2009, Tamara Jaber revealed that she has lesbian tendencies.

Professional Biography

Kyle Sandilands was given the first break by journalist Mike Willesee who owned radio stations in Townsville. The first three stations that Sandilands worked for belong to Willesee.

Australian Idol

In August 2009, Ten decided to remove Kyle Sandilands as one of the judges of Australian Idol. This announcement came just a day after Sandilands and co-host Jackie O were pulled off air indefinitely by radio station 2DayFM. Reports say Sandilands will earns about $1 million of his estimated annual $2.8 million income from Idol. Simon Fuller is reported to have given his approval to sack Kyle.

Personal Biography

Money & Happiness

In October 2012, Kyle Sandilands revealed that all the money he has has brought him no happiness. In an interview to veteran journalist Mike Willesee, Sandilands said that he used to go buy whatever he wants but after some time, he gets bored with it.


Kyle Sandilands revealed that he would like to have kids, though he thinks he is not kid friendly. It doesn't matter at what he has kids, he said. ''I won't mind being the world's oldest dad!'' Sandilands said in October 2012.


Kyle Sandilands's memoir 'Scandalands' will be released on 23 October 2012. In his memoir, Sandilands detailed his low self-esteem, lack of education and a solid family life that he misses.

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