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Kerrie Lee

About Kerrie Lee

Kerrie Lee is the wife of Australian cricketing legend Shane Warne.

Personal Biography

In December 07, the press reported that Kerrie is a part time employee at Melbourne gentleman's strip club Goldfingers. The management of Goldfingers yesterday confirmed Lee's position at the venue, saying she dances under the stage name of Hannah, and according to one of her friends, she has been part of the set up for the past five years. Lee is believed to have pocketed a hefty 100,000 Australian dollars for selling the story of her secret affair with Warne to Woman's Day. It is not known whether Warne was aware of Lee's night time profession. It is understood Lee's alleged two-year affair with Warne ended when Lee became jealous of the attention the cricketer paid former Sale Of The Century model Ann-Maree Cooksley during the Melbourne Cup. Realising the serial philanderer would never commit, Lee broke off the fling and flung her juicy sex scandal story to the highest bidder. Woman's Day had "no comment" on the alleged 100, 000 dollar sum they paid to publish the tawdry tale in a two-part series.

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