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Kayden Nguyen

About Kayden Nguyen

Kayden Nguyen is a former personal assistant of action hero Steven Seagal.

In April 2010, she filed a 1-million-dollar lawsuit against Seagal over claims that he hired her and then expected her to be on call for sex. The lady is said to have appeared once on a US talk show where she claimed she could trick men.

Kayden Nguyen in News

Steven Seagals sexual harassment lawsuit dropped
A former executive assistant of actor Steven Seagal has officially dropped her sexual harassment lawsuit against him. ANI

Lawsuit against Steven Seagal put on hold
A lawsuit that had been brought against actor Steven Seagal by a former employee has been put on hold, after his lawyer went to court with a motion to compel arbitration. ANI

Former nanny defends Steven Seagal in sexual harassment case
A former nanny for Steven Seagals children has come to the defence of the actor over his ongoing sexual harassment case. ANI

Two more women accuse Steven Seagal of sexual abuse
Two more women have accused Steven Seagal of making unwanted sexual advances while they worked as his assistant. ANI

Steven Seagals ex-wife not surprised by sex toy allegations
Steven Seagals ex-wife, Kelly LeBrock, says shes not surprised by the allegations that the action star treated a ex-female employee as his own personal s*x t*y. ANI

Steven Seagal takes legal action against assault accuser
Steven Seagal is taking legal action against the woman who sued him for sexual harassment. ANI

Steven Seagal once asked Jenny McCarthy to strip
After being slammed by his former employee Kayden Nguyen, Steven Seagal is facing fresh allegations from Jenny McCarthy. ANI

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