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Josef Fritzl

About Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl is an Austrian Engineer and an incest fiend.

He imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl in a cellar under his house in Amstetten and raped 3,000 times for 24 years, where he had seven children with her. One of the children, a baby boy called Michael, died shortly after birth and Josef burned his body in a heating oven. Fritzl, who has confessed most of the allegations, was neither mentally ill, nor could he have been in a permanent state of inebriation over 24 years, the psychiatrist's report stated. He faces charges of murder, rape, slavery, incest, imprisonment and abuse.

In one of the confessions made during May 08, Fritzl said he lusted after his mother and being a strong man, he managed to move on as he met other women.

In October 08, a court-appointed psychiatrist has declared Josef as clinically sane and fit for a trial.

Fritzl is also facing charges of manslaughter for the baby that died, and also of slavery, according to an antiquated Penal Code paragraph that has not been used before.

Austrian law, unlike British law, does not allow for multiple convictions, and Fritzl is only facing 15 years if convicted of rape. If charged and convicted of manslaughter, he could face life in prison.

A spokesman for the court said that the trial is now most likely to be scheduled sometime at the beginning of next year.

In February 09, reports are out that he is selling his property empire at rock bottom prices, so that he could raise cash for his family. Walter Anzboeck is the lawyer assigned to act as liquidator for Fritzl's insolvent real estate businesses. Reports also said that Fritzl is asking for over 500,000 pounds for his story after many requests from foreign media, and TV stations were desperate for the rights to make a film or a documentary about the case. The lawyer further stressed that there was no chance to ensure the family's financial future without such media tie-ups. Fritzl is scheduled to stand trial from 16 March in St Poelten, the town where he has been held on remand ever since the cellar was discovered in April 2008.

In March 09, he finally pleaded guilty to all charges with which he has been charged, including murdering one of the children he fathered with his daughter.

In March 2010, Josef Fritzl is said to have been secretly planning to call for a retrial of his case. Reported emerged during the month that he gets 150 pounds a month as a dishwasher in prison.

In June 2010, Josef has refused to leave his cell in the prison where he's serving a life sentence - in case he misses a minute of World Cup coverage.

Josef Fritzl in News

Josef Fritzl gets 4100 pounds payout in copyright case
Josef Fritzl has been awarded 4,100 pounds by an Austrian court after a cafe served Fritzl Schnitzels during his trial.

'German Fritzl' who slept with daughter 500 times says he 'didn't rape her'
London, Dec 20 : A German father who slept with his daughter more than 500 times and produced three incest children was sentenced to less than three years in jail on Monday after a court declared he did not rape her.

Chinese 'Fritzl' arrested for keeping sex slaves in makeshift dungeon
A Chinese man has been arrested for allegedly keeping six women locked up inside a grim, temporary dungeon for two years while he used them as sex slaves.

German 'Fritzl' charged with 497 rapes, fathering 3 kids with daughter
A German man has been charged with 497 counts of rape and is said to have had "three children with his own daughter".

Mexico's Fritzl had five kids by two girls he imprisoned, killed one and her baby
A Mexican man has been accused of imprisoning two teenage girls and fathering five children by them before killing one and their baby.

Austria's new Fritzl dad 'kept wife, mentally-ill daughters as sex slaves over 4 decades'
An Austrian woman has fought back against her depraved father, who is being compared to as incest beast Josef Fritzl, for allegedly raping her, her mother, and her other sister over a span of 41 years during which he kept them imprisoned.

'Dungeon dad' Fritzl's rape hell basement to be filled with concrete
Josef Fritzl's basement, where he imprisoned and repeatedly raped his daughter Elizabeth for 24 years, is to be filled in with concrete, the liquidator of his estate has said.

Dungeon dad's Austrian home to be pulled down after becoming tourist attraction
Austrian authorities have decided to pull down dungeon dad Josef Fritzl's house of horrors this week after becoming tourist attraction.

Germany's 'Josef Fritzl' jailed for 14-and-a-half years
A German man has been jailed for 14-and-a-half years after he fathered eight children with his stepdaughter and sexually abused his daughter and stepson.

Josef Fritzl's 'horror story' to be made into film
Incest monster Josef Fritzl's reign of terror a secret dungeon is all set to be turned into a film.

Chinese 'Fritzl' forced 'sex slaves' to perform p*rn shows and prostitution
A Chinese man who kept six "sex slaves" in his basement prison, forced the women to feature in porno videos and then posted them on the Internet to make money, police investigators said Saturday.

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