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Jade Goody

About Jade Goody

Jade Goody became popular after she appeared in the reality television program 2007 Celebrity Big Brother. She gained attention for her racial comments made on her co-housemate and Indian Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. She is cancer sick and according to her doctors, is 'counting her last days'.

Personal Biography

Jade Goody's father is Jeff Brazier. She is a mother of two - Freddie and Bobby.

Jade Good dressing

Goody hired a Marilyn Monroe-style white frock in April 2006 along with an Indiana Jones outfit for boyfriend Jack Tweed for 20 pounds but didnt return it back for about 2 1/2 years. Kathy, the owner of the dress, upon hearing of Goody's cancer, offered to waive the 2,000 pound bill.

Suffering with Cancer

Jade said she is petrified about cancer surgery to be held at at London's Royal Marsden Hospital on September 12, 2008. She underwent three abnormal smear tests and endured three operations to remove the cancerous cells. When told about a fourth smear test she said she is 'too scared' to go to hospital. After collapsing from blood loss for the fourth time last August, Goody left the Indian reality show Bigg Boss to return to London to see Harley Street consultant Dr Ann Coxon.

In March 09, media reported that she is moved to a new hospital after seeking help to relieve the pain caused by her cancer. She began taking prayers and bathing in 'holy water'.

On March 3, 2009, her husband is released from prison temporarily. Goody has reportedly suffered a shuddering attack which left her lips blue after her recent emergency surgery. Tweed has spent an entire night holding Goody's hand while begging for forgiveness for his criminal record.


Jade is married to her boyfriend Jack Tweed. For more information about their relationship and marriage, read Jade Goody & Jack Tweed.

Christening sons

Goodys church christening with her two boys has been put on hold because she is too weak to go through with it. However Goody is determined to see that her two young sons are christened.

Jade Goody Charity

Goody turned out to be a mysterious benefactor when it became revealed that she donated food, clothes and medicine at a childrens shelter in India, and helped 126 kids escape begging gangs.

Last days

In Mid-March 09, the doctors has said it is her last few hours. Her sons celebrate early Mothers Day and brought flowers for her as she gradually nears her end. Goody told her sons that mummys going to be up there looking over you. Goody had the last rites performed by a priest in a sad ceremony at her house.

The Ok! magazine went under fire for publishing Goody tribute edition before her death

Burial / Grave

Goody is believed to have been buried near the grave of Princess Di.

Jade Goody in News

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Jade Goody's sons to get most of her cash
Jade Goody's two young sons will get almost all the 394,692 pounds left in her will, it has emerged.

Late Jade Goody's debts left children with meagre amount
Late reality TV star, Jade Goody had debts worth 1.8 million pounds to be cleared even after her death.

'Dying' Jade Goody was victim of News Of The World spies
Former 'Big Brother' star Jade Goody's mother is set to sue the News Of The World claiming her late daughter's phone was hacked as she fought for her life.

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Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed claims her spirit visited him when he was in court facing a rape charge, and assured him he would be cleared.

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Late reality TV star Jade Goody's mother has lost her unborn baby at the age of 55.

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Jack Tweed's new Essex bar torched by thugs
A suspected arson gang put Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed's new Essex bar on fire just hours after the reality show 'The only way is Essex' was filmed at the venue.

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