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Elisabeth Fritzl

About Elisabeth Fritzl

Elisabeth Fritzl is a sex victim and a mother of six children. Elisabeth was forced to have by rapist father Josef Fritzl. She was imprisoned and raped 3,000 times for 24 years in a dungeon. She is in recent news after she booted her mom out of house

Elisabeth got ready to give her first televised interview revealing details of her cellar nightmare for ORF TV. She has turned down deals worth 10 million pounds to reveal her cellar ordeal but agreed to give just one interview on Austrian state TV, with her face covered and voice disguised.

In May 08, her lawyer has revealed that she taught her kids math and grammar while incarcerated in her dads dungeon.

In December 08, she and her incest kids have left the clinic where they had been recovering since being freed in April.

In March 09, she re-iterated that she wants her father Josef to rot in jail.

In June 09, her doctors have revealed that she has quit therapy after finding love with her bodyguard.

A book cliams that Elisabeth Fritzl's cries for help during her 24-year ordeal could be very audible to those living above.

Elisabeth Fritzl in News

Fritzl to get extra hour in bed and roast chicken dinner on Christmas Day
Cellar monster Josef Fritzl will be treated to an extra hour in bed and a meal of roast chicken on Christmas Day.

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