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Edward Chernoff

About Edward Chernoff

Edward Chernoff is the lawyer for Conrad Murray, the doctor for Michael Jackson.

Edward Chernoff in News

NBC paid $300k for broadcast rights of Dr Murray documentary
A media and entertainment corporation paid a whopping 300k dollars to a production company for a documentary which captures Dr Conrad Murray discussing the demise of his former patient, Michael Jackson.

Dr. Murray did not kill MJ, he's 'just a little fish in a big dirty pond'
Dr. Conrad Murray did not kill Michael Jackson, but the King of Pop was responsible for his own death, the doctor's lawyer told jurors during his closing argument.

Dr Murray's attorneys issued gag order by judge in MJ manslaughter trial
The judge in the Conrad Murray trail has issued a gag order to Murray's attornies under penalty of contempt and other sanctions.

Final stage to select MJ's physician's trial jury begins
The final stage of the selection of the jury for the trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician Dr Conrad Murray has started.

Dr Conrad Murray's defence lawyer asks for MJ trial delay
The defence lawyer of Dr Conrad Murray, who is charged over Michael Jackson's death, has asked judge to delay the trial.

MJ was facing financial ruin, says his doctor's lawyer
A defense lawyer for Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, has alleged that the singer's anguish over his deteriorating finances led to his death.

Lawyer for Conrad Murray claims 'MJ committed suicide'
A defence lawyer for Michael Jackson's doctor has reportedly claimed that the King of Pop was so anguished about his deteriorating finances in his final days that he took his own life.

MJ's doc's defending lawyer to become TV star?
Ed Chernoff, the lawyer defending Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray, is apparently being offered millions to become a TV star.

MJ's doc pleads not guilty
Michael Jackson's doctor has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter in the King of Pop's fatal overdose.

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