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About Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray is a doctor who treated on Michael Jackson and is alleged to be responsible for MJs death.

In March 2010, it got revealed that he was accused of interrupting CPR and causing delay in calling 911 while he tried to conceal drugs. Also during the month, California's attorney general asked a court to bar Murray from practicing medicine while he faces charges in connection with the pop star's death.

Reports in April 2010 says that Murray's defense will claim that MJ gave himself fatal drug overdose. Meanwhile, MJ's sister Janet Jackson has lashed out at Murray, blaming him for MJ's death. Reports say that Murray claimed that he needs to continue practising medicine in order to be able to pay for his defence in the court.

In April 2010, Jackson's singer La Toya claimed that MJs death was no accident but a full-fledged conspiracy.

Conrad Murray in News

Joe Jackson drops wrongful death lawsuit against Conrad Murray
Katherine Jackson still pursuing case against AEG Live

Paris Jackson pays tribute to dad MJ on death anniversary
Michael Jackson's daughter Paris paid a heartfelt tribute to her dad on the pop legend's third death anniversary.

11,000 roses sent to MJ's grave on death anniversary
Fans from around the world flooded Michael Jackson's place of burial with flowers on Monday to commemorate the pop icon's third death anniversary.

MJ's doc Conrad Murray fears dying in jail
Dr. Conrad Murray, who is serving time in Los Angeles County Jail for the involuntary manslaughter of his patient Michael Jackson, fears that he will die in jail and is asking to be moved to another prison.

MJ's note to ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley pulled out of auction
A hand written note by Michael Jackson in which he complains of being unable to sleep has been withdrawn from auction at the request of the late pop legend's former wife Lisa Marie Presley, the auction house revealed.

MJ's doctor 'close to death'
Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, is reportedly quite sick in prison after contracting dysentery.

Dr. Conrad Murray says jail food making him ill
Dr. Conrad Murray has alleged that his diet at the Los Angeles County Jail is making him very ill, and he has lost 30lbs through chronic diarrhoea.

MJ's one-time brother-in-law James Debarge reconciles with Murray in jail
James Debarge has made amends with Dr. Conrad Murray who was held responsible for the death of his one-time brother-in-law Michael Jackson, after having talks with the medic in their shared prison block.

Conrad Murray denied bail in Michael Jackson death appeal
Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray has been denied bail by a judge who presided over his trial, saying he would be a danger to any community where he might try to practice medicine.

Investigators seek Whitney Houston's medical history
Investigators probing Whitney Houston's death are looking into her medical records.

Tony Bennett asks for legalisation of drugs after Whitney Houston's death
In the wake of Whitney Houston's death, singer Tony Bennett has asked for drugs to be legalised so that people could "get it from a doctor, not just some gangsters".

MJ's jailed doc banned from practicing medicine in Texas
Conrad Murray, who is serving four-year jail term for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, has been banned from practicing medicine in Texas.

Dr Conrad Murray asks to be released from jail pending appeal
Dr Conrad Murray has filed legal documents asking to be released on no bail pending his appeal against the manslaughter conviction, which put him in jail.

MJ's doc won't be asked to pay restitution
Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray will not be required to pay compensation to members of King of Pop's family or his estate.

Conrad Murray's medical license suspended
Michael Jackson's imprisoned former physician Dr. Conrad Murray dealt another big blow recently after his medical license was suspended.

MJ's dermatologist declared bankrupt
Dermatologist Dr Arnold Klein, who was once dubbed 'dermatologist to the stars' and was friends with Hollywood's biggest names like Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson, is now bankrupt.

MJ's jailed doc 'treated like Hannibal Lecter'
Conrad Murray, who was jailed after being convicted of killing Michael Jackson, has been facing security heavier than any other prisoners at Los Angeles jail, his civil lawyer has claimed.

Conrad Murray says he can't afford to pay for lawyers any more
Michael Jackson's doctor, Dr Conrad Murray, has said that he can no longer pay for legal representation and has asked for a publicly funded lawyer.

MJ's manager says pain and stress turned him to prescription drugs
Michael Jackson's personal manager has said that the stress caused by child molestation accusations and the physical toll of performing on tours could have led to the star's fatal dependency on prescription drugs.

Conrad Murray appeals against conviction over MJ's death
Dr Conrad Murray has filed an appeal challenging his conviction for involuntary manslaughter in the case of the death of Michael Jackson's death.

MJ's lawyers launch legal battle to send Murray to tougher jail
Prosecutors in Los Angeles are said to be preparing a legal fight to have Michael Jackson's jailed physician, Dr Conrad Murray, sent to higher category prison for killing the singer.

Jermaine Jackson slams Murray's jail sentence
Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson has said that he is unsatisfied with the four-year sentence given to Dr Conrad Murray, insisting that it is "not enough time".

Conrad Murray likely to serve only two years in prison
Dr Conrad Murray, who has been sentenced to four years in prison for Michael Jackson's death will likely serve only half of his four-year sentence due to a recent change in California law.

Jackson's mother says Murray's 4-year sentence 'not enough'
Michael Jackson's mother has said that the four-year sentence given to Dr Conrad Murray is not enough.

Conrad Murray sentenced to four years in jail
London, November 30 : Dr Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for Michael Jackson's death, has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Conrad Murray's mother writes letter to judge begging for mercy
Dr. Conrad Murray's mother, Milta Rush, has formally begged Judge Pastor for mercy for her son when he is sentenced on Tuesday, insisting that he is really a good person.

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