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Cash Warren

Cash Warren is married to Actress Jessica Alba.

Cash Warren in News

Jessica Alba 'dresses up for herself'
Jessica Alba has revealed that she dresses for herself and refuses to pick outfits to please her husband or other men when she was single.

Motherhood made Jessica Alba sexy
Jessica Alba has revealed that she never felt comfortable describing herself as 'sexy' until she gave birth to her children.

Jessica Alba tells new parents to have regular date nights
Jessica Alba has given a piece of advice to new parents, saying that they should schedule regular date nights to keep their romance alive after having children.

Jessica Alba to spend 31st birthday at White House
Jessica Alba will be spending her 31st birthday at the White House as she has to attend the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner on that day.

Jessica Alba hides baby sick stains behind scarves
Jessica Alba has revealed that being a busy mother who doesn't have the time to change clothes every time her little daughter spills up on her, she has taken to using scarves to cover up baby sick stains.

Jessica Alba to release her book
Jessica Alba is set to release 'The Honest Life', a how-to handbook based on her mission of creating a natural, non-toxic life for her family.

Jessica Alba says she is 'the disciplinarian' in the family
Jessica Alba reveals she is very strict with her kids, but admires husband Cash Warren for being such a good father.

Jessica Alba tells Beyonce to sell Blue Ivy pics to avoid public 'hysteria'
Jessica Alba has advised new parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z, to sell the first photos of daughter Blue Ivy Carter and invest the money in a trust fund.

Jessica Alba's daughter loves to dress-up
Jessica Alba has revealed that her three-year-old daughter has an "insane" sense of style and loves wearing wigs.

Tom Cruise's daughter Suri tops list of most influential celebrity children
Tom Cruise's daughter Suri Cruise has topped the list of the twenty most influential celebrity children, while David and Victoria Becham's toddler Harper Beckham came at second place.

Jessica Alba ate sensibly during pregnancy
Jessica Alba has revealed that she didn't go "crazy" with food during her second pregnancy and so found it easy to lose her baby weight.

Jessica Alba simply cannot resist desserts
Jessica Alba has revealed that she loves desserts and does not deny herself the treat, especially when her husband Cash Warren orders them.

Jessica Alba becomes 'selfless and more considerate' after 2nd child
Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has reportedly said that turning 30 and having another child has made her more "considerate".

Jessica Alba can't stop kissing and cuddling newborn daughter
Jessica Alba has revealed that she is overjoyed to have a newborn daughter because she can't run away when the actress tries to kiss her.

Being a mum in real life helped my role in 'Spy Kids 4', says Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba has revealed that being a mother in real life proved to be "helpful" for her role in the new movie 'Spy Kids 4'.

I'd like to do an action movie next: Jessica Alba
Actress Jessica Alba has revealed that she is very keen to do an action packed movie in her next venture.

Jessica Alba gives birth to 'healthy' baby girl
Actress Jessica Alba has become the proud mother of a baby girl.

Jessica Alba's 3-yr-old daughter 'excited' to welcome younger sibling
Jessica Alba, who is expecting her second child with husband Cash Warren, has revealed that she is preparing her three-year-old baby daughter to welcome her younger sibling into the family.

2nd pregnancy making me feel like an official mum, says Jessica Alba
Actress Jessica Alba is already mother to one child, but it is her second pregnancy that is really making her feel like an "official mother".

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