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Bilal Abdulla

About Bilal Abdulla

Bilal is an Iraqi doctor working at an a junior house doctor at the Royal Alexandra Hospital (NHS hospital) in Paisley, Scotland. He is named as alleged terrorist in the London bomb attacks along with Kafeel Ahmed. The two used tourist rickshaws to escape the scene in an attempt to conceal their identities from CCTV cameras. They later made a failed bombing attempt by driving a jeep laden with petrol and gas canisters into Glasgow Airport that rigged to explode in a fireball. The package actually got stuck in the doors of the terminal and failed to explode to the luck of the travellers. After only one of four bombs partially exploded the men returned to Scotland via a meeting with Asha at Stoke's Royal Infirmary.

Bilal, at the Woolwich Crown Court in South East London, admitted to that he is a terrorist as per English law. Bilal left two Mercedes car bombs outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in central London with accomplice Kafeel, but claims they were a demonstration against Britain's policy in Iraq and were not supposed to explode. He said after the failed London attacks his plan was to escape to Paris and then to Iraq, a "lawless country where it is much easier to disappear".

A draft will written by Bilal was found on a badly-burnt laptop in the remains of a Jeep Cherokee that ploughed into the Airport's main terminal in 2007. The computer also contained videos of attacks on allied forces in Iraq, coffins of US soldiers and clips of speeches by al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden. Prosecutor Jonathan Laidlaw QC said that Abdulla wrote the document because he expected to die alongside Kafeel.

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