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Alex Reid

About Alex Reid

Alex Reid is a Professional cafe fighter. He is the fiancee of Reality TV star Chantelle Houghton.

Personal Biography

Relationship with Katie Price

Reid is the boy friend of model Katie Price. For more information about their relationship, read Katie Price & Alex Reid.

Relationship with Chantelle Houghton

Alex Reid is engaged to Reality TV star Chantelle Houghton. Chantelle is pregnant and is due in Summer 2012. In April 2012, Reid denied reports that he called off the wedding with Houghton as her friends were interfering too much in their relationship.

Alex Reid in News

Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton welcome baby girl
Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid celebrated Father's Day with the arrival of a beautiful baby daughter on Sunday morning.

Alex Reid, Chantelle focusing on baby's arrival despite relationship strain
Chantelle Houghton has revealed that she and her fiance Alex Reid have finally worked things out and are now concentrating on the arrival of their little girl.

Chantelle Houghton says baby's surname will be Reid
Alex Reid's girlfriend Chantelle Houghton has revealed that her child will bear the mixed martial artist's surname.

Alex Reid poses as 'pregnant man' to empathise with fiancee Chantelle
In a bid to empathise with his heavily-pregnant fiance Chantelle Houghton, Alex Reid became a "pregnant man" for the day in a new magazine photoshoot.

Chantelle says she did take time out from Alex Reid despite his denial
Alex Reid's girlfriend Chantelle Houghton is now insisting that she did move out of their home because of an argument, despite the cagefighter saying earlier that she didn't and they were still together.

Alex Reid denies pregnant fiancee Chantelle Houghton has moved out
Alex Reid has denied that his eight months pregnant fiance Chantelle Houghton has moved out of his house, despite the glamour model saying earlier that she has left their Essex home.

Eight-month pregnant Chantelle Houghton walks out on Alex Reid
Glamour model Chantelle Houghton has reportedly walked out on her fiance Alex Reid, weeks before the couple's baby is due.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney enjoy booze and bikinis on trip to Las Vegas
The Rooney family has headed to Las Vegas to soak up some sun by the pool.

Chantelle Houghton tells ex lover Jermain Defoe's girlfriend to ditch him
Jermain Defoe's former lover Chantelle Houghton has called the footie star "a nasty little rat" for allegedly cheating on his current girlfriend Alexandra Burke.

Alex Reid denies calling off wedding to Chantelle Houghton
Alex Reid has slammed reports that claimed that he has called off his wedding to pregnant fiancee Chantelle Houghton.

Alex Reid calls off engagement to Chantelle Houghton
Alex Reid has become so concerned at Chantelle Houghton's friends interfering in their lives that he has reportedly called off their wedding.

Katie Price to marry for the third time
Katie Price is set to tie the knot for the third time after getting engaged to boyfriend Leandro Penna.

Katie Price to compete in raunchy Argentinean dance show with boyfriend
Katie Price has signed up as a contestant for Argentina's raunchy dance show 'Bailando Por Un Sueno' ('Dancing For A Dream').

New hairstyle cost Alex Reid his marriage to Katie Price
Alex Reid has revealed that trying a new style cost him his marriage to Katie Price.

Katie Price and Alex Reid officially divorced in 55 secs hearing
Katie Price was granted divorce from her second husband Alex Reid over his "unreasonable behaviour", in a court proceeding that lasted just 55 seconds.

Chantelle 'left in tears' after learning Reid has been messaging another woman
Chantelle Houghton, who is seven months pregnant and is planning to marry Alex Reid, is said to have been "left in tears" after learning that her fiance has been sending private messages to Katie Price's TV show winner on Twitter.

Alex Reid's pregnant girlfriend doesn't want her daughter to take up cage fighting
Alex Reid's pregnant girlfriend, Chantelle Houghton, has revealed that she doesn't want her daughter to follow in the footsteps of her father and become a cage fighter.

Kate Price's third marriage will last just 6months, claim bookies
While Kate Price is set to tie the knot with her toyboy Leandro Penna, bookies have predicted their marriage will last just six months.

Katie Price sues first hubby Peter Andre over 'breach of confidence'
Katie Price, who divorced her second husband Alex Reid this week, started legal proceedings against her first - Peter Andre on Friday.

Peter Andre 'has not moved on' from split with Katie Price
Peter Andre will never get over his 2009 divorce from Katie Price, says her former best friend, who also claimed to have kissed the 'Mysterious Girl' singer last year.

Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid to star in own reality show
Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid are believed to have landed their own reality show as a couple.

Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid expecting first child
Chantelle Houghton has announced she and her fiance Alex Reid are expecting their first baby.

Still-married Alex Reid proposes to Chantelle Houghton on live TV
Alex Reid proposed to glamour model Chantelle Houghton live on TV, despite being already married to Katie Price.

Peter Andre still 'tortured' by divorce from Katie Price
Peter Andre said that his divorce from Katie Price still 'tortured' him and that he suffered panic attacks on seeing his kids play with Price's next husband Alex Reid.

Katie Price named most-searched-for Brit celebrity of 2011
Katie Price has been crowned the most searched for celebrity in the UK for a second time.

Katie Price doesn't indulge in sex on first date
Katie Price refrains from sleeping with guys when she has just met them, as she doesn't want to be seen as a 'dirt bag'.

Simon Cowell voted 'most punchable celebrity'
Simol Cowell has been voted the 'most punchable celebrity', according to a recent poll conducted by Gymbox.

Alex Reid pumping up to strip for Wildboyz
'Cage Rage' fighter Alex Reid is pumping himself up to strip in a new touring play called Wildboyz.

Katie Price 'dumped Leandro Penna over lack of sex'
Glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan reportedly split from her Argentinian toyboy Leandro Penna because he could not keep up with her sex drive.

Katie Price was 'emotionally drained' after break-up with hubby Alex Reid
Katie Price has revealed that she was "emotionally drained" after her split with husband Alex Reid.

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