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About al-Shabab

al-Shabab is a terrorist group. The US feels the group has close tie-up with al-Qaeda but the former denies it.

al-Shabab in News

Iranian agents arrested with explosives planned to attack US, British, Israelis in Kenya
Two Iranian agents, who were arrested with explosives, had planned to attack American, British, Israeli people in Kenya, officials have claimed.

UK Muslim jailed for 12 yrs over internet threats against creators of 'South Park'
A Muslim in the UK, who admitted posting internet threats against the creators of the South Park TV show, has been sentenced to 11 years and six months in prison.

U.S. envoy calls Qaeda's Somali offshoot's camel reward for Obama's head 'absurd'
A top U.S. envoy has dismissed a reward of 10 camels for information about President Barack Obama's hideout by Somali militants as "absurd".

Somali troops capture strategic militant base of Al-Shabab
African Union and Somali government forces have captured the town of Afmadow, which is a strategic militant base located in the south of the country.

List consisting 170 Al Qaeda names and their fate published
A list consisting 170 names of Al-Qaeda members discovered in Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan during US raids has been published. It also discloses the fate of these terrorists.

US embassy warns of possible terror attack on foreigners in Kenya
The American embassy in Kenya has warned that terrorists are planning a possible attack on foreigners in that country.

U.S. increases drone attacks on Yemen amid rising concern about political collapse there
The US has significantly increased the frequency of drone attacks and other air strikes against the al-Qaeda affiliate in Yemen in recent months amid rising concern about political collapse there.

Upto 750,000 deaths can occur due to East African famine without food aid, warns UN
The United Nations (UN) has warned that upto 750,000 deaths can occur from famine in East Africa over the next four months without food aid.

Minnesota man admits helping men travel to Somalia to join terror group
A man Minnesota has admitted helping men of Somali origin travel to the African country to join the Al-Qaeda linked militant group.

Somali Al-Qaeda terror group 'recruited over 20 Minnesota men': Report
A Somali terror group linked to Al-Qaeda allegedly recruited over 20 young men from Minnesota to fight the Ethopian army.

US court indicts Somali on nine terrorism-linked charges
The United States has indicted a Somali terrorism suspect on federal charges after completing his interrogation over a period of more than two months aboard a U.S. Navy ship.

US drones now target Somali Qaeda
The US is reported to have used unmanned drones to target high value Al Qaeda suspects in Somalia for the time.

Canada lists Yemen-based al-Qaeda group as terrorist organization
The Canadian Government has formally designated a Yemen-based al Qaeda group as a terrorist organization, and banned its entry into Canada.

Al Qaeda linked Islamist group executes two teenage girls in Somalia by firing squad
An Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group has executed two teenage girls in Somalia by firing squad.

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