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Deccan Mujahideen

About Deccan Mujahideen

Deccan Mujahideen is a little known terrorist outfit. The outfit has sent email to news organizations claiming responsibility for the Mumbai terror attacks in November 2008.

One of the gunmen has told a television channel that he belonged to an Indian Islamist group that is seeking an end to the persecution of Indian Muslims. Two terrorists, Shadullah and Imran Babar, rang up India TV twice during the siege on Thursday using cellphones of their hostages to place their points of view. Claiming to have worked as a medical representative in a multinational company, Babar said the attacks were to avenge "torture and injustice".

Indian journalist Ameet Sha told a private TV channel there was no confirmation but the pattern suggested involvement of Laskar-e-Toiba. She said terrorist attacks of such a magnitude and the participation of such a large number of gunmen raised questions on the security situation in India. The identity and nature of the attack has left security agencies baffled. In the camera shots of a suspected terrorist show him with an AK-47 assault rifle, dressed in a black half T-shirt and jeans with a blue rucksack hung over his left shoulder and red sacred thread tied on his right wrist. What has left security agencies baffled is the sacred thread tied on his wrist which many say could be a plot to show that the attack was undertaken by probably an extreme Hindu group, but the claim of the Deccan Mujahideen has put this view in doubt.

Now, Deccan Mujahideen threatens to attack Indian airports
The Deccan Mujahideen group that claimed responsibility for last weeks terror attacks in Mumbai, has now threatened to attack the New Delhi, Banglore and Chennai airports between December 3 and 7. ANI

Captured terrorist says he has no regrets about Mumbai mayhem
Captured terrorist A. A. Qasab has told his interrogators that he had no regrets about carrying out his mission of mayhem in Mumbai this week, in which the death toll so far is 195 and the injury toll 295. ANI

Pakistan does an about turn, not to send ISI chief to India
The Pakistan Government has done an about turn on its earlier promise to send Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Director-General Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shujaa Pasha to India in connection with the probe into the terrorist strikes in Mumbai. ANI

ISI chief will visit India: Pakistan
The Government of Pakistan today agreed to Indias demand to send the chief of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to New Delhi to share information on ways to tackle the menace of terrorism. ANI

Experts say planning for Mumbai terror strike in Pakistan, execution by Indian affiliate
Though intelligence and security officials are cautious about arriving at early conclusions on the Mumbai terror strikes, they have admitted that planning for it could have taken place in Pakistan, and its execution was carried out with the help of an Indian affiliate. ANI

Global spy agencies clueless about Deccan Mujahideen, rule out Qaeda link
Most spy agencies around the world are reportedly clueless about the antecedents of the Deccan Mujahideen, which has claimed responsibility for the planned and synchronized terror strikes in Mumbai. ANI

Foreigners head back to their countries following militant attacks in Mumbai
Following the coordinated attacks by heavily armed militants in luxury hotels and several other places across Mumbai, foreign visitors are hurrying back to their countries. ANI

Several more blasts strike Mumbais Trident and Taj hotels Update-Mumbai Terror Attack)
As many as five explosions were heard from inside Mumbais Oberoi Trident hotel, within five minutes of the Army taking charge of the site, sources said. ANI

Taj Hotel hostages rescued, gun fight with terrorists still on(Lead: Mumbai attacks)
Maharashtra Director-General of Police A.N. Roy on Thursday said that all hostages held inside the Taj hotel by terrorists here had been rescued. ANI

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