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Censoring of advertisements

In May 09, Coca cola television ads that suggests women should be available for sex whenever men want it are forced to remove.

Advertising Standards Bureau in News

Lynx under fire for ad aiming below belt yet again
The '"cleans your balls'" advertisement by Lynx, which shows men how to wash a variety of sports balls, has prompted 55 complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

Miss Universe Australia in row over 'peepshow' underwear ads
Miss Universe Australia has been embroiled in controversy over a new advertising campaign accused of glorifying peeping Toms.

Oz controversial billboard banned for breaching code of ethics
A controversial advertising billboard in Australia has been banned following public outcry.

Oz women enraged over 'sexist' billboard advertisement of 'women with tools'
A Billboard advertisement about 'tools' in Australia has caused a furore among its women.

Provocative adverts claiming 'Jesus is a prophet of Islam' to be rolled out in Adelaide
Controversial billboards proclaiming 'Jesus is a prophet of Islam' will be rolled out in Adelaide as a part of a campaign launched by an Australian Muslim group claiming to promote religious tolerance.

Oz clothing brand under fire over ad campaign with 'sexualised' content
Teen clothing brand 'Supre' is facing allegations over running sexual advertisements in its latest clothing campaign that featured a topless model.

Oz HIV campaigners livid over removal of safe gay sex ad under 'Christian' pressure
A billboard company in Australia has defended its decision to bow to pressure to remove advertisements promoting safe sex among gay couples.

Sexual and violent ads linked to children's inappropriate behaviour
Children as old as six years are increasingly displaying inappropriate behaviour due to excessive sexual and violent content being shown in advertisements, video games and music videos.

Advertisers say children's junk food ads 'made for adults'
Advertisers in Australia were breaching codes aimed at reducing children's exposure to junk food marketing by claiming their ads were targeting adults, according to an analysis.

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