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Sir Cliff Richard

About Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard is an English musician. He worked for the band The Shadows.

Personal Biography

Cliff Richard takes his special diet made of wheat and dairy intake where ever he goes.

Cliff Richard is a bachelor and said he will never reveal his sexuality.

Professional Biography

List of popular works

  • The Devil Woman

Battle for extending copyright protection

Richard raised a battle over the Government asking it to extend the copyright protection after he lost copyright protection of his songs from the 1950s. Finally in December 08, he won battle over music royalties after the Government agreed to change the law to extend copyright from 50 to 70 years.

Sir Cliff Richard in News

Beatles declared biggest selling singles act
The Beatles have beaten artists like Elvis Presley and Madonna to be declared as the biggest selling singles act since charts began 60 years ago.

Robbie Williams eyeing knighthood after royal concert
Robbie Williams hopes that he gets knighted after landing a spot at Queen Elizabeth II's star-studded Diamond Jubilee concert.

Robbie Williams plans solo comeback at Queen's Diamond Jubilee gig
Robbie Williams has been confirmed to perform at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert on June 4, which will also mark his solo comeback.

Gary Barlow sent to US to sign music stars for Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Princes William and Harry have asked Gary Barlow to go to America to find US music stars for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee concert in June.

Cliff Richard taking year off
Sir Cliff Richard has revealed that he is taking a hiatus for the whole of 2012 after "overdoing it" with a heavy touring schedule during the last three years.

Powerhouse NYC Recording Artist Valerie Ghent Releases New Solo Album 'Day To Day Dream'; Brings Blues, Funk & Soul to Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar June 27
Fresh off her current tour with Valerie Simpson paying tribute to the musical legacy of the late singer/songwriter Nick Ashford, NYC based recording artist Valerie Ghent celebrates the release of her highly anticipated new CD, "Day To Day Dream," Wednesday June 27 with a special performance at Sugar Bar.

Sir Cliff Richard wishes for a duet with Rihanna
Sir Cliff Richard's New Year's resolution is to get chart-topping R 'n' B sensation Rihanna to do a duet with him.

Cowell will never find a global star on X Factor, says Sir Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard has warned music mogul Simon Cowell that his TV talent shows will never produce a global superstar, because the contestants are dropped as soon as they fail to hit the top of the charts.

Sir Cliff Richard slams new radio station for banning his songs
Sir Cliff Richard has blasted a new 1960s-dedicated radio station for banning his songs, and has accused the programme bosses of lying to the public by erasing him from history.

Sir Cliff Richard in death pact with sister if they develop dementia
Singing legend Sir Cliff Richard has revealed that he has made a death pact with one of his sisters if they develop dementia as their beloved mother did.

Musicians can claim royalties for extra 20 yrs, courtesy 'Cliff's law'
Thousands of music performers worldwide can now continue earning royalties for an extra 20 years - thanks to a campaign spearheaded by British rock pioneer Sir Cliff Richard.

Sir Cliff Richard pissed off with publicity stunt claims
British pop singer Sir Cliff Richard is annoyed with the claims that his impromptu singalong at Wimbledon in 1996 was a publicity stunt.

The Shadows bassist Jet Harris dies of cancer at 71
Jet Harris, the original bass player with The Shadows, has passed away at the age of 71. He had cancer.

Cliff Richard may record with Jackson 5
Sir Cliff Richard is apparently set to record a song with Michael Jackson's brothers.

David Beckham's mum is the biggest fan of Cliff Richard
Sir Cliff Richard has revealed that his number one fan is David Beckham's mother Sandra.

Singers to receive royalties after approval of law named after Cliff Richard
When the EU approves a ruling dubbed Cliff's Law, named after Sir Cliff Richard, it will mean that a generation of Sixties stars will receive royalties for 70 years instead of 50.

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