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The Farnsworth Invention

  • Hank Azaria (David Sarnoff)
  • Nadia Bowers (Lizette Sarnoff/Mary Pickford and others)
  • Kyle Fabel (Pem's Father/Cliff Gardner and others)
  • Maurice Godin (Russian Officer/Atkins/Walter Gifford/Douglas Fairbanks and others)
  • Christian M. Johansen (Young Philo T. Farnsworth and others)
  • Aaron Krohn (Wilkins, Analyst and others)
  • Bruce McKenzie (George Everson/Vladimir Zworykin and others)
  • Malcolm Morano (Young David Sarnoff)
  • Spencer Moses (Stan Willis/ and others)
  • Michael Mulheren (Russian Officer/Leslie Gorrell/Solomon and others)
  • Jim Ortlieb (Justin Tolman/Jim Harbord/Doctor and others)
  • Michael Pemberton (Sarnoff's Father/Simms/Schenck/David Lippincott and others)
  • Katharine Powell (Betty and others)
  • Steve Rosen (Harlan Honn/Lennox and others)
  • Jimmi Simpson (Philo T. Farnsworth)
  • James Sutorius (Russian Officer/William Crocker and others)
  • Margot White (Sarnoff's Mother/Pem's Mother/Agnes Farnsworth/Mina Edison and others)
  • Alexandra Wilson (Pem Farnsworth and others)
  • William Youmans (Wachtel and others)
  • Brian Russell (Understudy)
  • Kate MacCluggage (Understudy)
  • Javier Picayo (Understudy)

The Farnsworth Invention in News

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A San Diego-based start-up technology company benefiting education, DonorNation, is collaborating with the nationally-renowned not-for-profit theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, to positively impact education, the community and the arts

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